New Management

by mdhoria on December 12, 2018

in Game Administration

As some of you have likely noticed, I have been lurking around the who list for a few weeks now. I haven’t had a chance to talk to but a few of you that are still here but I would like to take the chance to say a formal greeting. I have stepped into the role of staff here and I look forward to being a part of this world.

That being said, we need players, if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to focus on bringing players in and making some great RP happen.




by Iskvarren on September 1, 2018

in Game Administration

It isn’t a secret that CoM is inactive right now.  Most of that is due to the fact that the staff all went their ways and got lives.  I can’t speak for my peers, but real life stuff is what’s kept me from here.  In the meantime, I’m still (somewhat) maintaining the server and coming by every few weeks to fix what needs fixing.

A few of you have reached out to me about trying to breathe life into the MUD again.  While I welcome your efforts, I personally don’t have the time to be a part of the MUD as I was years ago.  If you have a crew and a plan to make it work, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and we may be able to come to an agreement.


Lythren have been revamped in terms of skills, while most of the background remains the same.  Of note, they no longer have blindness to daytime but suffer their curse in other ways.  They have also gained the ADAPTABILITY skill which allows them to make limited use of all weapons except bow. Read more……


Re: ** Notices Posted by the Serian Peacekeepers **
Citizens of Seria:

Reports indicate that evidence of increasing necromantic power have been seen around the fallen city of Frelugnya to the east. Merchants traveling the Eastern Road report sightings of undead humanoids and otherworldly screeches and howls. Please exercise extreme caution if you travel that way.

* Centered at the bottom of the notice is a seated, three-headed hound within a ring of eight-pointed gold stars wearing a laurel on its middle head. *

OOC: Frelugnya has been updated into a medium/hard area. All previously aggressive creatures remain aggressive in their nooks and crannies, and the witches have become a bit more powerful. All the items have been upgraded to be appropriate for standard level 50 characters, and all the masking items have had their prices dropped! Please report any errors you find in this area. For the next 2 weeks, any deaths here will be restored if I’m around to facilitate bug testing.