Building Updates – 2/28/10

by Iskvarren on February 28, 2010

in Building Updates

The following are the building updates implemented as of February 28, 2010.

  • Modified Brunhilda Quest, pending revamp of area.
  • Modified Ghart’nhuz, Fall of Legends, Mantis Hive, and Ishon Forest.
  • Modified Clan EQ due to easy-to-get-ness and effect on code
  • Adjusted mobs in Fall of Legends: removed some vulns, corrected HP/hitroll
  • Updated mobs in Barbarian Encampment, EQ in Catacombs.
  • Updated mobs in Goblin Village

  • Updated the helpfiles for all Enclave ranks.
  • Updated food/furniture values in Orphanage
  • Tweaked Temple of Death
  • Updated mobs in Rhohaca Marsh, Glade of Haphen
  • Updated mobs in Ki Baltan, Lightened Forest
  • Added Keldros Quest, tweaked armor stats.
  • Updated mob HP values in Monastery of Santina
  • Updated mob vulns/resists in Academy
  • Added signs for all boats, plus newbie friendliness.
  • Updated vulns/resists in Battlefields
  • Tweaked some Jotunheim, Junolia eq.
  • Fixed food values in Central Pier, Serian Apartments, and OOC Newbie Academy
  • Added staff in Seria, adjusted flags on shopkeeper mobs.
  • Edited races.
  • Fiddled with all hero gear.
  • Updated mobs, items in Belverin Castle
  • Mire of Qoosa implemented.
  • Changed some named mobs/items in shipyard, barbarian encampment, graveyard

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