Code Updates – 2/20/2010

by Drachnor Durkan on February 20, 2010

in Code Updates


  • Fixed “fatality” trigger in mud programs
  • Fixed “damage” function in mud programs
  • Fixed problem with sanctuary spell and damage
  • added stay sector action flag for mobs to prevent them from wandering to new terrain
  • Changed mob movement to be more PC like with respect to swimming and flying
  • Ghost mobs no longer use movement
  • Added mud programming conditionals to test for day_of_week, month and year
  • Added mud programming command addlag to update waitstates small logic fix for climbing
  • Reenabled consider command for all characters regardless of level


  • removed generic smite messages from smite command
  • fixed bug causing immortals to not overhear thinkto like shifters without setting their class to shifter.
  • immortal commands for silent drop/get/give object
  • fixed bug with steal causing immortals to fail.
  • fixed bug with casting/commune/infest/lay hand echoes for immortals fixed short description bug for “an ethereal spirit” affecting sayto and who list.
  • fixed bug with sayto affecting ghosts
  • fixed typos in several spells
  • adjusted nervestrike success rates
  • fixed bug in spell demise which caused near zero improvement
  • fixed bug that allowed ripping a sheet of paper to create a ghost object
  • changed clan and religion skills into proficiencies, and set skills to 100 when gained
  • fixed bug where mobs would sometimes target themselves in certain combat situations.

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