Code Updates – 3/19/2010

by Drachnor Durkan on March 19, 2010

in Code Updates


  • Fix for stay_sector flag on mobs
  • Fix security error in mwhere
  • mystic weapon damage fixed
  • fixed typos and pronouns in diagnose action messages
  • fixed call lightning to hit people that cant aren’t visible to caster
  • immortals are automatically turned wizi after being idle for a indeterminate time
  • added immortal command “idlewizi” to set the number of ticks before you are considered idle
  • modified immortal count command to show the date/time most players were online
  • added experimental code for displaying user statistics graphically on the website

  • fixed fishing foods that had fullness/hunger values reversed (causing full before hungry)
  • turned off knights and reavers in creation (classes are now by application only)
  • added color to warrant lists (person wanted is in bright yellow)
  • changed no climbing flag to allow climbing in a non-climbing sector type, or to disallow it in a climbing sector type.
  • Fix mobs with no mana dice to use “game standard”
  • Removed code based alignment change from spells, items and combat
  • added skill improvement chance when estimate succeeds
  • changed enervation and energy drain to be evil only spells


  • Updated short description information in character creation.

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