Investigation Report

by Sannhet on March 14, 2010

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Investigation Report of the Incident on:

Lyak, 2nd in Yalsa, 1696
One count murder
Three counts theft
Three counts assault

Incident Details:
Conflict began in the square when two unidentified suspects assaulted and robbed those present at the fountain. One suspect escaped, the other died while in the custody of the apprehending Peacekeeper Jyllen Felgress. Peacekeeper Jyllen then confiscated the stolen property and fled the scene. A search party located Peacekeeper Jyllen within the servant’s housing in the residential complex, resulting in a conflict that caused the death of one individual not of Serian citizenship. The conflict escalated to a shop within the upper floors of Howl’s Alley. Peacekeeper Jyllen resisted arrest and died on scene. The second suspect, name noted upon questioning as Dameth, evaded arrest.

Investigation Notes:
Peacekeeper Jyllen Felgress had no other contraband on his person. A search of his barrack footlocker revealed numerous possessions recently reported as stolen by citizen self-reporting. Inquiries with others sharing the same barrack house revealed no further information regarding behavior prior to the time of the incident. Interviews with the owners of the contraband placed the thefts at various locations in the city proper, with no apparent pattern. Citizens in the affected areas did report seeing unfamiliar individuals of unknown citizenship within the past month, their arrival noticably around the time of the thefts.

Recommended that further investigation into the matter be taken.

For the review of Captain Velrox Su
As investigated by Templar Algraan Graen.
Lyak, 4th in Yalsa, 1696

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