Code Updates – 5/25/2010

by Drachnor Durkan on May 25, 2010

in Code Updates

Misc. Improvements

  • Changed reply parameters so mortals can reply to visible immortals.
  • wiznet now displays resurrections and deaths
  • fixed plague spreading and becoming a healing plague
  • fixed a bug causing mobs to charge and attack when stunned with ranged weapons
  • fixed bug with mob program damage function which caused a 5x damage multiplier to be applied to animorphed characters.

Thief Updates

  • reduced improvement difficulty for trap skills
  • reduced wait timer on circlestab
  • increased number of attacks for circlestab
  • added tripping to thieves list of skills at level 5
  • made envenom work on weapons with other flags like sharp, etc.
  • changed movement costs for thieves so that they can move in THIEF AREAS like rangers do in forest.
  • removed old shadow attack skill and replaced with a new group based combat skill
  • new shadow attack is a automatic attack from back row of group allowing the thief to sneak off in the chaos of combat and backstab their opponent.
  • updated blackjack to work on paralyzed foes.
  • Updated damage modifier on backstab
  • Modified backstab to allow a second backstab when wielding two daggers

Cleric Updates

  • Mass healing now will heal yourself as well as your group
  • group healing spells are now castable/communable during combat
  • changed cure critical to 15 mana and group critical to 50 mana

Ranger Updates

  • fixed bug with rangers causing sneak/backtrack and other movement affecting skills to not modify their movement.

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