Code Updates 9/04/2010 – Version r164

by Drachnor Durkan on September 4, 2010

in Code Updates

  • Changed score so that values such as hit/dam and durations on affects are shown to all levels
  • Changed minimum stat roll in character generation to 12 to reduce rolling and really bad stats.
  • Changed code definition of newbie to mean player is “new to com” which is flagged by an imm or by selecting I am new to com in character generation.
  • Added a new lowbie definition which controls previous newbie benefits like free death, and mail and things.
  • Added wiznet thievery display for immortals
  • mud program fixes for quest support
  • Addition of newbiehelp channel for newbies and newbie helpers.
  • grab no longer gets item on failure
  • mug no longer is affected by watchful state

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