Code Updates 10/23/2010 – Version r194

by Drachnor Durkan on October 23, 2010

in Code Updates

* Fixed wiznet messages for stealing from NPCs
* Added prog_addapply function and fixed bug for changing parts
* Fixed bug in horn trigger
* Modified aid to use less mana and heal more
* Revamp of save vs. spells code to reduce innate and level resistance
* Update to counter so that characters with counter are countered less
* Added default saving throws for mobiles
* Increased affect that resist/vuln has on save vs. spells
* Lowered max save cap and raised minimum save cap
* Allowed evil druids and rangers
* Updated message for leveling past 10 (lowbie instead of newbie)
* Added save vs. spells bump for act flags mage/cleric
* Fixed diagnose message pronouns
* Updated sleep to check save against magic instead of charm
* Modified hex with new damage multiplier determination
* Fix for “preperation” typo in healing spells
* Allowed poison spell to work like envenom on enchanted weapons
* Modified vuln modifier to be same as resist

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