[IC] The Eagle Emerges from Kaekryn’s Ashes

by Celandreia on February 28, 2011

in IC Notices

Kaekryn Grove is gone.

For hundreds of years, the Grove sheltered families of lodekryn, the gentle giants given life and sentience by the gods to serve as protectors of the mysterious continent of Haphen. Years ago, the destruction of the ancient siriyu homeland of Gheldale had unleashed tremendous destructive power. That power did not remain unnoticed and would soon trigger a series of events leading to the tragic annihilation of the lodekryn’s sanctuary.

Iskvarren, the God of Corruption and Unending Change, captured the power unleashed by Gheldale’s fall and sought to feed it, losing his mind more and more over the years. The power which he could not fully control was released as balefire upon the Grove’s olden boughs, an unnatural fire that threatened to spread across the whole of Haphen.

But before the balefire could transform the lush forests of Haphen into ashy nothingness, Tralen, the Lord of Order, appeared in a bid to save the continent from utter destruction. Stopping the hungry flames from spreading beyond Kaekryn Grove and engulfing the rest of Haphen, however, came at a very high price – the rare sight of an Immortal losing his life. With the balefire unleashed, Iskvarren regained the sanity he had lost.

As events unfolded, the throne of Order did not remain vacant for long. From the midst of the smoldering ashes of a once thriving city, one who called herself Qurimel the Eagle emerged. Declaring herself the Goddess-Judge, the new Immortal claimed the domain left vacant by Tralen’s sacrifice.

Kaekryn Grove is gone.

A new deity rules Order’s domain.

And the God of Corruption has once again wrought destruction upon the world.

How will the citizens of M’Dhoria cope with the violent changes that have visited the realm? Will they remain steadfast or will they break in the face of these changes?

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