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by Sannhet on June 25, 2011

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The Q&A was a great success! We had a solid three hours (!!!) of question and answery goodness going on. We’ve compiled a full list of all the information discussed during the event posted it here for your convenience.

Are we just going to have one hometown?

The one city plan originated from about five years ago. The idea was that the entire world would become a dangerous place of adventure where players would go to make or break themselves and only Seria would be a relatively safe haven. The intended purpose of one-city is to generate RP by bringing opposing forces closer together. It is easier to see your enemies and face them if you are forced to deal with them within the context of your community. Originally, the game was going to have a shutdown period where everything would be built, put in, and players would be pwiped. Everyone and everything would start from scratch. We decided against that idea to give players the opportunity to react dynamically to changes in the world. Though Seria is meant to be a safe haven from the outside, there will be conflict between clans inside the city, generated by the differing religious, cultural, and ideological beliefs.

How will that work? Different areas under one city?

One city will see the emergence of one master clan made up of smaller clans. The master clan will primarily be a governing body, made up of elected representatives from each smaller clan. The smaller clans will have their own bases of operation, rules, leaders, and motivations.

The clan structure of the one city (Seria) can be viewed like a comparison to New York city and its burroughs. Each area within Seria will act as a burrough in which clans can fight over for claims of turf. There will be benefits to claiming areas. Areas might lend bonuses to clan members, such as stats, effects, or other benefits.

For example: The district involving the shops might allow clan members who own that turf to sell for higher prices and buy for cheaper, possibly with a waiver of taxes. Meanwhile, they may be stat and affect bonuses to clan members who own a different area.

Each turf will be won by conflict and clan participation of quests and events. Points will be earned and kept track of automatically, with clan activities and responses to events generating points. Points can also be assigned by staff who run events for player participation. Points pools can be used to determine ownership of areas after a “contention period” and can possibly be used in exchange for rewards for clan members. This will work similarly to the churrocite event, but on a much larger scale, and as a permanent fixture of the game. There will be incentives for clan activity inside Seria as well as outside in the world.

Guard mobs in each area will assist the clan that owns that area.

So Seria is going to expand a lot then?

Yes, there are numerous building plans for Seria. This will involve new residential complexes, shops, gathering halls, and utilities for clan and player interaction. Shops will be consolidated into one quadrant of vnums called “Serian Shops and Taverns.” Shops will be expanded to include shopkeepers from other areas who have “moved” to Seria. Additionally, all shop items will be reviewed in the coming months to evaluate costs and add stats/benefits to currently unused items.

Just wondering how the pvp will be managed with everyone in one area. Won’t it disadvantage some classes like rangers?

The areas that are currently existent in Seria will be reviewed to accommodate the variety of classes that will have to take up residence in Seria. For example, certain residential areas may favor landscaping and gardens, thus having benefit to classes that deal with nature for their skills/spells. Each area will have some consideration for strategy, so clans looking to claim territory must choose wisely who they will fight with, what the conditions in the area are, and how to go about doing it. Classes will also be seeing extensive revision to play off of group combat.

How often are the territories going to be up for grabs and who starts with what?

The turnover rate of each area has not been agreed on. However, it will likely be that areas are constantly up for grabs and any disputes will be settled on a monthly basis based on clan activity, confrontation, and point accumulation. Another possibility is that turnover will occur in two month cycles, where for one month an area can be in “contention” with clans vying for control, followed by another month where the victor clan can enjoy that area free of the possibility of losing it (but not free of the possibility of harassment from other clans). This mechanic is still being discussed.

Clan ownership of areas at the time of implementation will depend on prior clan ownership of the areas.

Are we ever going to see personal apartments?

It is possible. Personal apartments will likely be fashioned in the same way as palace/keep/fortress rooms, where individual rooms are available to be claimed by clan members who have access to the home base. As for unaligned apartment ownership, there will be many building projects in the future that create residences and the like. While it is possible to do locked doors and player rentals, there are no concrete plans for that at this time.

With all this talk specifically about Seria what is to become of Cranezmore and northern areas?

There has been a build-up of events in Cranezmore ever since Kaekryn burned that has lead to the possibility that Cranezmore will soon be uninhabitable. This is the general direction for all areas outside of Seria. However, as areas get removed, the world will not be getting smaller. Plot points will allow currently removed areas to later become accessible after being repurposed. The idea is to remove areas that see little to no use and reshape them into areas that will be used by the playerbase. A recent example of this was the johgo village, which previously had little use except to buy glove patterns. The mire is now used extensively on a daily basis. Each removed area will be restored at a future point and implemented with quests, mobs, armor, items, and possible clan exploration mechanics.

Can we ever expect to see frost giants as app only or back in fully?

We have no plans to restore frost giants as a playable race at this time.

What about reavers/ishoni?

Reavers and Ishoni will have a role in future implementation. There are no further details to be offered at this time.

Will there be new races and/or classes introduced after the expanding?

There will be no new races or classes. However, all classes will be seeing extensive updates that will make them seem like practically whole new classes.

Example of Revisions:

Necromancers will have a spell that will create a physical object in a room. This object will be a circle of blood, a summoning circle, that can be augmented with various blood runes. Each blood rune will have an affect by itself and varying affects when joined other runes. The cumulative affects of the runes can be anything from stats bonuses, affects, commune inhibitors, and summoning of high level demons. Building the circle will take time, but will be worth the effort.

Druids will have a similar summoning circle skill, only their circles will be orientated around support magics of the healing variety and the summoning of elementals based on currently undetermined factors.

Knights will have skills for mounted combat, with ideas tossed around such as “joust.”

There will be very many new spells and skills. One aspect of these new spells is the possibility for group interaction of spells and skills between players. Combos will be possible, with one spell having a build up or spells that are cast in succession dealing a greater amount of damage if all are successful.

Flurry and Scald are an example of this. Flurry will be an ice spell that will deal damage to a target and create a buildup of ice that slows the target. The more ice built up there is, the greater the slow affect. An accompanying spell, Scald, may be cast. Scald on its own does decent damage, but when combined with flurry, will deal additional damage based on how much ice has built up (steam hurts, after all). If the mage is paired with a melee class, that melee might use kick to shatter the ice, either for damage or perhaps as a crude method of assisting an ally against Flurry.

Melees will have combo type skills as well, each of which will do decent damage on their own but, when used successfully in order, will have finishing skills with chances to stun a target, knock them over, or induce winded “silence” on mages.

Defensive and support spells and skills will go into the game as well, allowing for greater strategy in combat. Additionally, all dodges will be receiving an overhaul, with details not yet ready to be discussed.

All spells and skills of the classes will be able to play off of one another while still being independent for solo play. However, there will always be an advantage to grouping, making combat more strategic.

You mentioned .. subtypes?

The elements of the game will be reduced to slash, pierce, bash (these three being Earth and physical element), mental, fire, ice, air, energy, divine, abyssal, disease, and poison. Each mage class will have an element they’re best at, with lots of other subtype accompaniments. For example, necromancer’s main focus will be abyssal, with supporting subtypes of ice and disease. Druids, on the other hand, will have fire, ice, and air.

Specially elemental, do you get to choose which or each class is set as such?

Each class will be set in what elements are their focus, with the exception of druid. Druid will be able to have a shift in elemental so they can focus on one element depending on the situation, which will determine spells, buffs, and summons. This shift would be in response to current conditions, like shifting element to air to take advantage of rain storms in the area.

Elements of spells and subtypes will be available to all classes, whether through support, debuffs, or attack spells. However, each class will merely have one focus that they are better at than most other classes. Elements and subtypes are really more of a grouping of where spells come from.

What about resists?

Resists have received an overhaul. Instead of a blanket percentage and all resists being gained from spells, resists will now be cumulative based on points, similar to the cumulative of the STR, INT, WIS, etc stats. By typing “resi” or “resist,” players will be able to bring up a mini score sheet that displays the resist values of the player for each element. These resists will be augmented with equipment, skill and spell affects, and other methods. Resist magic as a blanket spell will be removed, as will the visardi’s racial resist magic.


| Vulnerabilities and Resistances |
| Slash: 0 ( 0) | Fire: 0 ( 0) | Divine: 52 ( 56) |
| Pierce: 0 ( 0) | Ice: 0 ( 0) | Abyssal: 0 ( 0) |
| Bash: 0 ( 0) | Air: 0 ( 0) | Disease: 0 ( 0) |
| Mental: 0 ( 0) | Energy: 0 ( 0) | Poison: 0 ( 0) |

These new skills coming at 75% per chance?

Players will have the opportunity to have any new spells and skills set to 74% in the event they do not have sufficient practices. Which is very likely, considering how much will be implemented.

Additionally, the WIS dependence of practices will be negated. All races will receive 4 practices per level, starting at level 1.

Disguise skill?

Yes, we will be bringing back disguise to thieves. There will be planned limitations for this to prevent any misuse of the skill. A prior update put into code a few months back which changed how the game handled size in players and mobs was done in preparation of size-based skills. Only sentient races of NPCs will be eligible for disguise, with limitations based on size. Therefore, a johgo thief will be unable to disguise himself as a taurlok, but will have no problem disguising themselves as a human child.

Will fights last longer at all with the new combo attacks and what not?

Combat has the possibility of lasting much longer or being incredibly short, depending on how well players use their skills and spells to come up with appropriate strategies for each situation. To help facilitate smooth combat, the combat code itself is receiving a massive overhaul. Additionally, there will be new damage nouns to help players determine exactly how effective their attacks are.

There will be two changes to the flow of combat, as well. First is the “clean combat” toggle. This toggle allows you to alter what battle spam you see during combat. You will be able to condense battle messages, filtering out unnecessary messages (such as when a group member misses a regular attack, for example). The flow of combat will remain the same, but with the option of reducing the wall of text effect.

The second change to be implemented will be the “disengage” command. While fighting in a group, a player can step out of combat without having to flee, provided the target’s attention is not fixed on them.

With so much equipment coming in what about weight limits and limits on well, limiteds?

We have been discussing the possibility of rentable storage of non-limited items. Storage vaults may also be tied to clan membership.

Have the pass-door robes really went evil only?

Yes. The plan is that it will be harder to get the ones that everyone can wear and that may possibly be parts of a set with other benefits, versus the limited, evil aligned ones that have negative stats when worn.

What about the obelisk quest? Is that getting fixed or removed?

The quest will be fixed eventually. In the mean time, there are other methods of obtaining infravision. Two quests yieled items with infravision, there are infravision scrolls/pills/potions in the game, and players can cast infravision on others.

Incidentally, no one has discovered the Big Quest in the johgo tree houses, yet. Not that this is a hint. The reward doesn’t yield infravision. It yields… somethingsomething.

How many new mobs have been added to the game?

There are currently 1,959 unique mobs and 4,357 loaded in the game. The next area will see an additional 132 mobs added to the game, along with somewhere around 300 items, with nearly 6 million combinations. Or was that billion?

I have a bit of an issue with the majority of mobs once they are … after you, ie you flee, being able to find/track you hidden/backtracking, sneaking etc.

Most mobs can’t track you if you are backtracking. A few can if they are animals who can track someone by smell. The “lashing out” affect occurs when a blind mob takes a shot in the dark at a person in the same room as it who it is aggro to. The time between tracking and lashing out is generous enough to give players the opportunity to leave, and they are encouraged to do so, in the event that a tracking mob might be unhindered by blindness. This was implemented mostly in response to the player trend of fighting a mob, blinding it, then sleeping in the same room as it. It makes no sense for someone to be able to sit in a room with a blinded mob and not have it do anything. Blind lashing is random and is intended to keep people from congregating and talking in front of a mad angry blind mob. Mobs now have a chance to lash out blindly, but it won’t always connect Mobs now have the ability to have a limited tracking AI that checks for pathing. Every time a player flees from combat, they get added to the last_fought list. The mob will track any player it is aggressive to depending on who is the closest to them. If you must flee a fight, it is best to get as far away from the mob as possible to protect yourself from mob retaliation.

Players are encouraged to report possible bugs if they feel a mob is tracking them through cover/backtrack when they shouldn’t be. Examples of appropriate mobs that track through backtrack/cover are wolves, bears, spectres, wraiths, and high-level bigbads, but are not limited to these types. Examples of inappropriate flags would be birds, many sentient race npcs, and bunnies.

CORRECTION (June/27/2011): Mobs will not track through backtrack/cover, but they will attack you if you enter a room with them, even with one of those skills currently activated. However, this is only if they can see you. If a mob is blind and you stand in a room with them, regardless of any cover you have, it can lash out to initiate an attack. This is because the mob modes are separated into hunting and attacking, and both are independent.

Last_fought will remain until that mob dies, kills you, or the game copyover/crashes.

Would there be any chance of the traps thieves have being able to be turned in to thrown weapons, ie a firebomb I can toss in to an adjacent room?

Thieves will have revisions to their skills. There are plans for progged throwing items that would deal damage to rooms and possibly place temporary affects on the room. For example, a molotov throwing item that would deal fire damage to a room on impact after being thrown. Thieves might be given a skill to produce these, after which any player with a throw skill would be able to use them.

Spells that can be used at range maybe?

Existing spells such as magic missile, acid arrow, bladeblast, etc that make sense for being ranged will possibly receive updates to make them ranged. Additional affects might be applied to the usage of these spells, such as a corrosive affect on impact for acid arrow or a chance for critical strikes for blade blast.

Similarly, rangers will be receiving an upgrade to allow for a greater variety of uses for a bow. Rangers will be able to shoot targets in the room from the relative safety of the rear in a group. Ranged attacks of Rangers will have additional, strategic affects. For example, a ranger might aim for the weak points in a target’s armor, lowering the armor class. A ranger’s critical strike might lodge an arrow in the target that will create a bleeding affect, inhibiting health regen. If the arrow is poisoned, the poison will affect that person until the arrow is removed. Ranger’s ranged attacks will play a more important role.

If ever, you think we will get a summoning spell that lets us name the spawned mob?

Summons are going to be temporary mobs and will not be nameable.

Are there any plans for “nonliving” pets, such as living dolls or golems?

CoM will never be technologically advanced enough to develop clockwork creatures. However, elemental golems or conjurations of magic might be possible in the future. I can certainly see a wonky enchanter in the Arcane Tower selling his creations…

Do pets have an actual use other than being shiny and following with?

Pets are helpful in combat and are useful RP props.

Will we get our own crafts, like charms and things?

There are plans for additional crafting proficiencies. The one that has been discussed about the most is cooking. Recipes would be available, either in books in game or in helpfiles. Ingredients would be gatherable outside of Seria or bought in shops. The food produced by the cooking skill can, depending on the recipe and the skill level of the cook, lend temporary stat boosts or affects when consumed. This is currently hypothetical, but new and current proficiencies will have a focus in the future.

How do you become a priest of a religion?

What we look for in priests are people who rp the religion constantly. They aren’t doing it only when an imm is watching. They build their rp to incorporate their religion daily and become a good example of that religion. Interacting with other followers, or encouraging and teaching players without religion in the ways of your God would also give merit towards priesthood. Priests are supposed to be the leaders of a religion, so they need to understand it, live it, and spread it, and have the ability to be discerning about potential followers.

Are we allowed to apply for a knight and play it as a squire? Or, well, something like that. Maybe a knight-in-training if squire is too specific

It is acceptable to take a developmental approach to a character. You do not have to specifically call yourself a knight, so long as you display the required characteristics of the class and the application. No deviating from the “good” expectations of a Knight. Knights are very religious and chivalric. That has to be part of the character if it’s classed as a knight.

If you are a part of the RPteam, do you still get RPool?

You cannot reward yourself for participation in your own event. However, you can still receive Rpool in the same ways that non-RP Team players do.

Who here feels lucky?

There will be a hidden luck attribute which will affect many things in the game. You will never see it and it changes periodically. Sometimes it will be good luck, sometimes bad.

That new area that was coming soon. When’s it coming about?

Sometime in August, if not earlier.

Did anyone manage to find out what you hid in Ki’Baltan?

A few players have found the secret in Ki’Baltan.

When will the revamps happen?

The first code updates will happen sometime in August, beginning with combat code changes, new clan structure, and resists. Subsequent updates will implement other changes over time, including new spells and skills.

It’s important to note that all things discussed in Q&A are not final and are subject to change. However! As they have been discussed now are what they are currently intended to be.

Player suggestions under consideration

• Fast healing at earlier levels for all classes.
• Enchanters using alchemical reagents to make potions that would give temporary elemental affects to weapons when used, similar to envenom. I.E. Flame on a sword.
• Necromancer spell for creating a reservoir for stat boosts based on body parts collected.
• Permanent “trophy” boosts to characters who defeat certain difficult, high-level mobs.
• Battlemages being able to choose their element focus at creation.
• Shops selling transportable, cheap furnishings for housing.
• A way to send letters anonymously without sender name being given away.
• The ability to choose a direction when fleeing.

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