Q&A for July – Clans, Quests, and Cities, Oh My!

by Sannhet on July 28, 2011

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The July Q&A event was themed around IMM plots and general questions about the upcoming changes in the game. Additional notes have been added at the end of the questions with further information about subjects discussed.

Q&A Focus – IMM Metaplots:

The purpose of IMM metaplots (the recent butterfly and raven quests, for example) is to create certain kinds of RP for players. We use the big quests to provide roleplay for as many players as possible during the course of the plot. That means that we try to get many people involved, so the quests are designed not to be solvable alone. As a general rule, the more people you involve in an IMM plot, the more successful you will be. Metaplots are run for players to participate in, not just as something for IMMs to do; if no players involve themselves, the plot does not advance. That is why something like the butterfly quest can idle on. If players do not actively work to complete each stage of the quest it does not advance. Because our goal is to involve as many players as possible, quests may also seem disjointed if information has not been appropriately shared by players. All that ties back to how IMM quests cannot, and will not, be solvable by one or two people.

It seems like most IMM plots have been around dynamic game-changing things. Will we be seeing smaller scale quests?

Yes, of course. Dynamic plots are run when we need certain things to happen in the world. However, there have been, and will be, plots we run that will not have a long-term affect on the game other than providing RP and good (or horrifying) memories. IMMs will also run smaller, low-key quests, similar to what RP Team does. Many of these smaller quests are spontaneous.

Will we be recording events again at some point?

History will be more readily available in the future. We intend to make more sections on the website and add more history ICly in the form of NPCs, books, and so on. There is quite a bit of history to go over, as CoM is over fourteen years old. If players wish to write up any bits of history they remember, see the end of this page for specifics.

Q&A – General Questions:

So we are definitely moving to one city?

Yes. See the June Q&A for details.

Are there plans for a neutral clan not affiliated with Seria?

Clans are solely determined by players. See the helpfile “help clan new leadership” for information on how to become a clan leader and start up a new clan. However, with the game moving toward one city, all clans will be based in and around Seria.

What incentives will there be to give up/share power in Seria?

We will be trying to handle the power shifts IC as much as possible. We don’t have definite plans yet, but the code we are waiting to implement will help handle this. It allows clans to gain and lose city districts dependent upon what each clan does and how active it is. Clan activity will play into “power” in the city, and will not rely only on the PK capabilities of clan members. The entire point of one-city is for their to be conflict and interaction and there will be code to facilitate this.

What about players who don’t want to become embroiled in conflict/PK? Are they going to have any outlets other than constant practicing of skills and RP?

Players are not required to join clans and can continue to group up to accomplish their own goals. There will be many, many places to explore and adventure in, inside and outside the city. Non-clanned characters will be free to participate in quests, fight mobs, and help or not help clans as they so choose.

Are there going to be more quests built into Seria?

Yes. Many more quests will be implemented.

Has any more thought been put into the next religion?

We are not really satisfied with any of the suggestions we have received on the forum so far and we are not going to implement a new religion just for the sake of having one. Further deliberation over a new religion is necessary.

How close is the next area to being finished?

Lesd’vha is — optimistically speaking – about 60% complete. Currently, some projects that are taking place at the moment are a revamp of Hawkwind, Peacekeeper Headquarters, the Order Building, and the Serian palace. Additionally, there are plans for more areas to be put into Seria, as well as a change in categorization of existing shops/taverns/etc into different groupings.

Are there any new races/classes in the works?

No. See the June Q&A for details.

How are race revamps coming along?

Race revamps have been put on hold until code changes for resists have been put in.

What other areas besides Gheldale replacement/Seria revamp/Ishon expansion/Hawkwind if at all are being worked on?

There is a Kaekryn replacement in the works. People who are fans of creature features may enjoy it. We also have plans for changes in southern and eastern Alandis that include a savanna area.

Will there be an area outside Seria such as a small forest where rangers and druids my reside?

The areas immediately surrounding Seria (fields, forest, mills) will be mostly safe. However, most people are going to pretty definitively want to be in Seria to escape the dangers outside the city walls. We are planning to have quite a few gardens/orchards/etc in Seria so it will not be an issue for rangers and druids.

Will the Kaekryn replacement restore the obelisk quest?

We have no immediate plans to restore the quest at this time but it will be restored eventually. Fortunately, there are currently two quests that yield items of similar value to the reward of the Obelisk quest. Someone just needs to find them.

Goblin village is still going to exist though, right? Somewhere?

That issue hasn’t been brought up in our area discussions. It is likely that the goblin village will still exist.

How is this all going to work IC? Are we going to wake up one day and pretend it’s never been different?

All the areas that have been taken out have been the result of visible IC actions and plots which were designed to purposefully introduce changes and give players the opportunity to react. As an inverse to this, new areas will be introduced the same way, with proper IC storylines to allow players to react appropriately. Changes will happen slowly. In the instance of Seria building, there will be construction and the leaders of Seria’s clans will be able to dictate (within reason) how things are built ICly.

Will you change the name of the mud to City of M’dhoria?

There are still cities other than Seria. Jotunheim, Junolia, Hes’Xirtl, Bortuln, Frelugnya, the Groth City, and the City of the Gods. There will be non-player cities that will be dangerous for players to adventure in, as well. We have no intention or plans to change the MUD name.

Will the academy be moved into Seria?

Yes, the academy will eventually be moved to Seria. However, an IC explanation of it will likely be “a new one was built in Seria” rather than “a wizard did it.”

Is the academy getting a revamp?

The academy may receive some changes depending on how it is “built” in Seria. There are no current plans for that at this time, though.

Were the Catacombs removed or are they just hidden a lot better?

ICly, the catacombs were flooded when the mire was formed and have been gone for quite a long time. There are no plans to restore them at this time.

The areas further out from Seria will be more dangerous. Is the equipment way out there going to reflect how hard it was to get?

Yes. We have new OLC that determines how many bonuses may be placed on armor based on slot, level of the piece, and armor type. Armor/weapons/items that are more difficult to obtain will be more rewarding than things you can easily obtain. These will not be overpowered items, however, and will all fit within the OLC guidelines.

Will heroes get anything special?

No, there are no further plans for building hero (level 51) items. Additionally, you will see many of the buyable hero items be adjusted to be buyable by everyone. Many have been already. The reasoning is that building efforts should not be spent on something that will only be seen and used by one or two people.

How far out can we expect to see changes into the future?

The building projects that are planned will take a considerable amount of time. It will likely be a year before all the changes mentioned in this Q&A and the previous Q&A will be implemented. The first code changes will be seen sometime this August. Code changes will continue to be made indefinitely where necessary. The same can be said of building, which will continue until we run out of vnums.

Coding changes will need extensive testing and players will likely be given the option to help with this on another port. More details will be given about this in the future.

Are there going to be more RP Team events?

Yes. RP Team members are required to run a minimum of one quest a month. That said, we would always love more RP Team members. If you’re interested, please read the application information to determine if RP Team is right for you.

You do not have to be RP Team to run small quests yourselves. Be inquisitive about the world and proactive. When you see something out of place, try to figure out what it is. If you see an echo, investigate it. Expand on what’s happening ICly. Take an idea and run with it. If we see you investigating something, say, an out of place NPC or a strange item, IMMs might sometimes lend a hand. Quests can be as simple as investigating what that clicking sound in the mire is. Possibly even attempting to translate the clicking. Be creative, run with it!

Just don’t make mobs talk with smote. We do not allow players to control mobs and that would be an abuse of the code.

What would have happened if the Enclave had lost the recent war?

Had they lost, Triage would have dictated demands, gotten them, and life would have gone on. Enclave would have gone back to Cranezmore and eventually have had to beg the Triage for sanctuary from the Ishon.

Notes based on subjects discussed at the Q&A:

Building changes:

There is a helpfile for building changes, “help building updates.” Whenever a change occurs in the game, there will be a notice on the MOTD (the “start up” screen when logging in) that has the changed date for helpfiles. You can then look at the building updates helpfile to see what has changed. You can also view previous building updates and code changes on the website.

Changes to progression of IC time:

Most players cannot keep track of how current IC time is handled. It is a pain for players and IMMs. We are planning to change our months to be the same as the OOC months and mess around with the IC-OOC conversion until it is actually useful. The IC day/night cycle will remain similar so that shops can be accessed at reasonable intervals.


Heroes codewise are players that are bumped up to level 51. They receive no special treatment or perks, other than the normal code bonuses applied to an additional level. For all intents and purposes, heroes are regular players that have achieved a certain IC social status and have been rewarded for that with level 51.

So what is a hero? Heroes are people who have achieved an iconic hero status ICly that is recognized by other players. They are “doers,” someone who is proactive, not reactive. A hero will have a great deal of IC respect from both allies and enemies alike. Heroes are famous for their reputation and likely every player will know them for their deeds. In a crisis, a hero will be the first person that is sought for help, or may be the person causing the crisis in the first place, as alignment dictates. Heroes do not have to be fancy emoters or incredibly awesome at PK. Additionally, heroes are people that have an OOC reputation for being a trustworthy player. Heroes will not have cheated (through abuse of OOC information or code) to achieve their status. Heroes are generally helpful, courteous, and decent, rule-abiding players.

Plot Guides:

Future IMM plots will have an OOC guide posted at the conclusion of the plot. These guides will have information about each stage of the plot from beginning to end, what was necessary to be successful, what happened during the plot, and solutions to puzzles. These plot guides will merely be OOC tools for knowing what went on in the plot and should NOT be used as IC information.

Call for IC History:

A history building project may happen if players are willing to volunteer information about events that happened in CoM from as early as possible. We’d be looking for the “what was the incident, who was involved, where did it happen, what happened, how was it resolved” of major events in CoM. This can be anything from IMM-run plot events, RP Team quests, general city/clan history, to epic moments like the Great Eel Trap of July 25, 2011. Anything that would be book-worthy is open game. We would greatly appreciate it if you have both the OOC time the event occurred and the approximate IC time, if available. You can email any history you have to either sannhet[at]mdhoria.net or iskvarren[at]mdhoria.net.

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