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by Sannhet on July 2, 2011

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What does RP Team do?
The RP Team provides additional roleplay opportunities for the playerbase and rewards interesting, thoughtful roleplay since the immortals cannot watch everything all the time.   RP Team members are expected to run one small quest per month with minimal immortal assistance.  Additionally, they help to foster RP by encouraging character involvement in existing plotlines or by beginning roleplay themselves. In many ways, RP Team may be considered a possible recruitment pool for immortals. We hope that an active, invested RP Team will improve the overall quality of the roleplay on the game and involve as many players as possible in events. 

What are the requirements for RP Team?
We expect RP Team members to have a firm grasp of game rules, a solid handle on RP tools available to players, and the time to run at least one quest per month. We look for people who will not abuse the tools they’re given and who will be active in generating roleplay. RP Team gets no in-game benefits for their work; it is somewhat like a job in which members must put aside some of their own time to improve the game for other players. If you don’t have the time one month to run a quest due to extenuating circumstances, the immortals are happy to accommodate that as long as you let us know what’s going on. However, we will remove players from the RP Team if they do not fulfill their commitments as we expect members to actually do what we hire them to do.

What is expected of RP Team quests?
We do not expect RP Team members to be running huge, complicated plot lines. We’re looking for small, simple quests that take between one to two hours to run and provide fun, entertaining things for people to do while there’s nothing else going on. You don’t need to announce these quests in advance; ideally, you should be able to start a small event whenever people gather.  Additionally, these events should not require the participation of an immortal beyond possibly providing a few props for the quest or moving a mob. RP Team members are welcome to run more complicated plot lines if they wish, but for the once-a-month quests, simpler is often better. We encourage quests to be ones that anyone may participate in, but we do not expect RP Team members to break character while running plots. The immortal staff is always happy to help fine-tune ideas if you have questions about how suitable a quest would be.

What is an example of an RP Team quest?
One member of RP Team ran a quest using his character who was a bookish mage type that liked to perform experiments. He took a blindfold object, had people wear it, and asked them to guess the gender of people around Seria. Using personal echoes that only the targeted player could see, he gave hints as to who he was making people smell. It took about an hour and a half to run, it was fun to participate in, and it didn’t require much setup.

However, players are also welcome to act as bystanders during their quests and puppet mobs to run things rather than lead themselves.  Another quest that someone sent in involved Farmer Mack posting a reward for anyone who can capture a “spirit hound.”  Players would be nudged towards obtaining meat as bait and hiding in the fields to watch for it.  The dog turns out to be a nice, friendly dog that has had continual light cast upon it.  Reward is claimed and someone gets a free dog.

What tools does RP Team get to run quests?
RP Team members have access to echo, pecho, zecho, secho, rpforce, and hereward commands. Echo allows players to send a message (similar to an emote but not requiring the use of the player’s name in the string) to the room. Pecho sends a message to a targeted player that cannot be seen by anyone else. Zecho sends a message to an area, and secho sends a message to all areas of Seria.  RPforce allows a player to force a mob to perform an action or say something. Hereward allows RP Team members to give rewardpool for good roleplay and participation in quests.

What are you allowed to use these tools to do?
The tools available to RP Team are not meant to give members any kind of advantage over other players. They are not meant to enhance or give flavor to an individual’s own roleplay, allow an RP Team member to avoid interacting with other players, or to be used to advance an immortal-run plotline without actually participating in quest events. RP Team members should be using their tools to puppet mobs and manipulate inanimate objects using echoes but these should only be done to benefit and provide roleplay for other players, not for the benefit of the RP Team member, his/her friends, or any faction over another.

If you use the tools you are given to cheat, you will be removed from RP Team and punished, without exception.

What if players ignore me?
First and foremost, don’t get discouraged! Sometimes players just won’t want to get involved or see a hint. It’s nothing personal and it happens to immortals all the time, too. All we can do is put the roleplay threads out there and hope that people take them. If they don’t, regroup, find some different people or a different time, and try again. For every person who ignores something, there’s also a person playing the game who will be thrilled to have roleplay opportunity provided, and running quests for those players makes it all worth it in the end.

How do I apply for RP Team?
Using everything we’ve talked about here, you can go to our RP Team application page on our website and send the completed application to lyseri [at] mdhoria.net.

Can I still run quests if I’m not on RP Team?
Yes! The entire game is about players creating their own adventures. RP Team and the immortals are happy to help if a player wishes to run a one-time quest, but you do not need our approval or RP Team tools to do so. Found a strange, glowing stone left in the garden somewhere? Go find other players and ask them about it. Maybe that strange rock is a star that’s fallen out of the sky and you can hold a contest to see who can shoot another one down. Look around the game for things that are out of the ordinary and you can turn almost anything into an adventure. When an immortal sees players taking the initiative, we do our best to help out and puppet mobs or leave clues to turn the adventure into something truly immersive. Every player is playing the game to create his or her own stories, not to read a book that has a predetermined ending. So get out there, use your imagination, and make yourself an adventure. For all that the immortals try to do, we can’t play the game for people, and we can’t make the game fun if players aren’t out doing things.

How can I make the game more fun for myself as well as others?
Most of all, be proactive rather than reactive. Don’t just ignore the small things; if you see something unusual, investigate it even if you think OOCly that it won’t amount to anything. Don’t discourage the excitement of other players; let them figure things out for themselves and explore the game rather than telling them what everything is through OOC channels. React to things in-character rather than out of character; a new player will get a lot more out of walking through a new area if you’re in-character when you hear a strange clicking noise rather than telling them in gtell that it’s nothing to be worried about, it’s just a low level mob. Remember, no one can play the game for you. If you’re not actively writing your own story, you’re likely not going to have much fun.

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