Halloween Restringfest

by Lyseri on October 26, 2011

in Events

On Sunday, October 30th at 9PM EST we will be holding an OOC Halloween Restringfest. If you’ve never been to a restringfest, read HELP RESTRINGFEST for information and rules.

What does OOC restringfest mean? The fest will be OOC (i.e. we won’t be emoting making the items and you won’t be required to act ICly during the event), but you will still have to gather items that could be used to ICly craft the restring you want. Each person will be able to have 1 tailor and 1 blacksmith restring done.

There is one extra condition to note: In the spirit of Halloween, all players are required to come in costume if they want a restring! Please put together your costumes using only unrestrung items available in game. Have fun and be creative!

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