Mini Code Update (10/20/2011)

by Lyseri on October 21, 2011

in Code Updates

A small update, mostly to move some building stuff in so we can make cooler adventures for you to have. A few skill changes and bug fixes, too.

Mostly Building Stuff
added some lines to fix some mob race setting
added weather for GARDEN sector
changed field weather echoes to open expanse
changed KAEKRYN to GARDEN sector in name only, set it to thief/ranger area
made underwater sectors not have any sun/rain rating
defined some macros for under/above water
enabled ROOM_AMBIENT to automatically set a room as lit
fix to dark rooms for city
fix to prevent only fish from leaving water
fixed bug in prog delapply that removed affects from victim when targeting object
fixed bug preventing mobs from not loading in with affect3
handled some position changing in water
made furniture with negative regen dock hp
made hp/mana/move regen handle negative regen rooms and drowning
made pets that can’t breathe underwater drown as well
cleaned up some property modification of indexes to take vnum instead of requiring an instance
made property modification of object index require user be a builder
modified some horn echoes for sector
modified travel cost of some sectors
put penalize command on wiznet RP
removed all the healing boosts for KAEKRYN sector
removed weather messages from underwater sectors
set city sector to be automatically lit except for dark rooms
updated all hunt/chant mobs to be built in
tweak to poofin/poofout to allow modification based on short

Mostly Liquids Stuff
added fix in so loading up unknown liquid doesn’t crash the game
allowed fountains to show liquid they contain with examine
made containers display contents with ‘filled with’
modified drink, fill, pour, create water, short desc, examine to handle unique liquids on properties
modified mixdrink to create unique liquids using property code

Mostly Skills Adjustments/Changes
added aquatic breath spell and gave it to druid for create water
modified movement in underwater sectors to be used with aquatic breath spell
adjusted damage of magic missile
allowed claim to work 100% on sleeping target
allowed clan leader to ctitle anyone in clan
allowed group tactics to count nonquevran at lower efficiency
changed protection evil/good to only be castable by opposite align
disabled tripping and flying while underwater
fixed a bug in enchant for adding AC types
lowered the boost of cloak of light some
made PVP timer not decrement for characters in safe, private, solitary rooms, wizlocked rooms, or voided in limbo
prevented grab on newbies
removed vuln of fire/ice shield but allowed only one to be cast at a time
removed favor from noncommune heals
set curse to block some communes in spec_cast_cleric
set dropping gold to show amount dropped
set stun to redirect group members to help
slightly reduced flurry/scald’s damage but removed the resist buildup effect
standardized skillup chances for thrown weapons
swapped cleric wear plate for wear chain
tweaked life success rate some
changed bow to allow drawing out mobs below damage threshold

Mostly Bug/Typo Fixes
added a missing return_to in mob charging after ranged weapons
fixed issue that didn’t add PVP timer properly in flee
fixed message error in fleeing on top of horse
fixed some freezing blade, searing blade, ice shield stuff that got added to druid mistakenly
fixed typo in cloak of light
made create water stop restringing containers

Bug/General Fixes 10/23/11
fixed fly and trip underwater bug
allowed ghosts to move underwater
memory error on pouring
fixed cities so they aren’t too bright for lythren during the night
added a line to automatically flag shopkeepers with infravision
fixed a bug in mob walking that wouldn’t extract a mob if it got stuck and couldn’t return
fixed bug allowing all mobs to have shield block
fixed a flee bug with mounts
a fix to prevent imms from dying to negative regen
fixed clan warrants to save short description and send a message when pardoned
fixed weather frequency in garden sector
fixed a message error in gale
fixed a typo in weather for garden

Skill/Feature Changes 10/23/11
allowed lythren to see in rainy weather during day
allowed lythren to see indoors
allowed blacklight to last longer
added a message for drowning
colored olist for level 49-50 items
made imm wholists a little more readable by converting {B to {C
switched quevran racial from infravision to swim

Bug Fixes 10/25/11
fixed bug in mob hunting where if nobody was in the area, the mob would get stuck.
allowed circlestab in back row
modified thief hide time to last longer in thief areas and shorter elsewhere
fixed an oilslick bug that was allowing it in odd sectors

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