Call for History

by Iskvarren on November 5, 2011

in Character Logs and Stories

A small project to add more books and fill in the poorly-recorded history of this great game…

The assignment is quite simple.

Write about any event in CoM history.

You can write about your characters in Bladen, in the Holy Empire, in Lords, in Aschal, in Ophidia, in Ge’yivs, in Naiadia–anything that has ever existed or happened in the world.  You can write a record of one experience, a reflection on a cataclysmic event in the world, or even a day-to-day journal in the life of a humble Serian.  It is all right if your history is not complete or unbiased; you can write it from the point of view of one of your characters, or you can make up a scholar who is trying to record history.

This is a great opportunity to give some of your notable characters a lasting imprint on our world, or if you feel like sharing your clever tricks that you pulled years ago and couldn’t reveal then.

It can be a paragraph long, or it can be several pages long.  You’re welcome to submit as many as you want, but please specify if your work is intended to be fiction.  You may be rewarded for contributing to the game.

Deadline: Ongoing
Submission: Either post them in Stories and Logs or email them to me at iskvarren[at]

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