Festival and Celebration of the Gods

by Iskvarren on November 30, 2011

in Events, IC Notices

Small, neatly written notices placed about Seria read:

Pious Citizens and Faithful Wanderers,

A festival and celebration of the gods is to be had. There will be food, drink and much revelry.  All faithful and pious are invited to attend to share in the celebration to their own god and to all gods. Those who intend to be an unwelcome disruption will not be tolerated. If you wish to honor your divine with bloodshed it will be most certainly allowed outside the city with consenting duels.

Festivities will conclude with parade to the great City of the Gods; all who attend the revelry will be expected to be part of such. Within the City of the Gods each altar of our divine will be visited with prayer and trinkets. May the gods see our city as the most faithful and bless us as such.

Those who intend to be a most unwelcome disruption will not be tolerated, as this is to be a most joyous and social event.

Aeo, Faithful of the Father Eternal

(OOC: Planned for Dec 4th, at around 8-9 EST to last for an hour or more.)

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