Code Updates 12/17/2011

by Lyseri on December 18, 2011

in Code Updates

New Features
-added RPforce for RP Team to facilitate running quests
-added act_shifter flag for mobs to let them think to players
-added ashen skin choice for char gen (currently only available to siriyu)
-added combat_hit trigger and isfighting check for mud programs

Skill Changes
-changed tame to allow calming any form-animal creature
-updated tame to allow charming up to 3/4 level of form-animal
-updated siren formula to be less dependent on only int/wis
-standardized all reveals to 1 tick
-cleaned up flash and made it strip sneak/backtrack
-standardized level of meditation for all classes
-standardized levels for fast healing and fireproof

General Changes
-changed shock element damage to damage jewelry rather than instantly destroy
-adjusted do_order to use new_interpret to support RPforce
-allowed mobs that are act_shifter to thinkto nonshifters visibly
-adjusted OLC and save/load code to support rpforce
-made mobs regain sneak after a while if revealed
-made spec_fido only eat NPCs of smaller size than character
-added SECT_GARDEN to list of default ambient sectors
-blocked all names in chargen starting with self
-cleared lass/lad/maiden from chargen for being too young
-added room properties to show in rstat (for immortals)

Bug Fixes
-fixed sneak/backtrack reveal to occur from fighting or reveal spells
-Fixed act() crash when ch->god is null
-fixed bug in mind flay that made failure to save cause mind flay
-fixed bug that caused casting on nonexistent target
-fixed prog bug that crashed with TAR_OBJ_CHAR

Version r779

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