Code Updates 9/12/2011

by Lyseri on December 10, 2011

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Code updates through 9/12/2011.

New Features
-Fireproof now permanently protects objects from elemental damages (this includes lightning which used to be protected by Maenor’s and also other previously unprotected damages such as ice, fire, and acid).  Beware of breath attacks and weapon effects if your items are not protected.
-allowed burnproof to be seen with examine
-added scrutiny, a skill that lets a thief/vagabond see through disguise
-allowed newbie helpers to see inventory of [new] characters below level 25
-prevented NH’s from seeing inventories of disguised/morphed chars
-allowed players to see ghost names rather than shorts if ghost is intro’d
-allowed ghosts to introduce themselves and others

Command Changes
-changed maenors to protect against wearing-out damage and moved lightning damage over to fireproof with other elemental damages
-lowered cost of maenors and raised cost of fireproof
-made hide/camo stripping remove sneak and backtrack as well for fighting and revealing spells
-disabled sneak/backtrack while revealed
-set revealed time to 1 tick instead of 0 tick
-set a cooldown on disguise
-added tender effect for disguise cooldown
-forced fighting position for mug
-set astral walk to same mana as gate/roam
-reduced extra effect of mental scythe
-allowed tame on anything flagged animal/tame

Bug Fixes
-fixed guards assisting on dead targets
-fix to prevent crash when someone uses pray/prayto crash and an imm is switched
-fixed mob walk to char bug caused by checking area of a char_data

General Changes
-made wimpy mobs not chase unless they are also aggressive
-made wimpy mobs not attack if too injured unless also aggressive
-made wimpy/aggressive mobs not flee during combat
-updated damage values and modifiers for mob breath attacks
-set host on all char objects upon logging in
-made janitor/scavenger discard untouched items from own area
-removed some autosetting of AC and dragon brains
-enabled dirt kicking in garden sectors
-cleaned up damage in acid breath/trap to damage items on person
-set all guards to attack foreign nonsentients against sentients

Immortal Stuff
-allowed helper command to work on self
-cleaned up some tabs and formatting

Typo/Message Fixes
-fixed message error in gas trap

Version r729

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