CoM’s Winter Event

by Lyseri on December 7, 2011

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To: All
From: Helleana
Date: Tuesday, December 6th
Re: *a gilded scroll appears before you*
To all interested adventurers:

As a certain mage was transported from Junolia by an IDIOT APPRENTICE *here, the ink is spattered as if someone had jabbed the parchment with a quill* and Seria is experiencing unseasonal cold weather, the Tower is now offering compensation for any who aid in the study of the spell that summons snowy creatures.

Simply bring the bits and pieces from the enchanted snow creatures to the IDIOT APPRENTICE at the Tower of the Arcane to be counted. You will be compensated for your individual contributions and your clan contributions.

If you are curious as to whether the IDIOT APPRENTICE is counting or slacking, you may ask him “How many points?” If the number is not up to your calculations, he fears measuring sticks.

We appreciate all aid in this endeavor.

Mistress Helleana of Maledictions
*a seal of the Tower of the Arcane*

OOC: The event is set to last for about a month so there will be plenty of time for everyone to gather points and enjoy the prizes.

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