Code Updates 03/11/2012

by Lyseri on March 12, 2012

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Several new features, improvements on old ones, and lots of bugfixes. The entirety of movement code has been rewritten so now you can do cool things like trip a horse with an oilslick and laugh when its rider goes down, too.

(Edit: Added a few more fixes for March 14-25 at the bottom.)

New Features:
-gave recall to everyone and removed it as a religion-only skill
-updated recall to go to adjacent room if victim can’t get through wizlocked/deathward
-updated recall to set off room effects such as oilslick
-added face equipment slot and tweaked mask/hood code to fit
-choice of elemental resist type added for enchant armor
-changed all objects to be identified unless they have affects and are over level 40
-rewrote all of movement code for better performance (see Glorified Movement Revamp Post for details)
-modified flee to allow targeting and flee through portal
-changed siriyu racial skill from acute vision to auraspear and increased mana regen
-changed human racial skill from bash to tenacity and reduced hunger/thirst rate

General Changes:
-made all races stat-roll with equal odds for equally good stats
-standardized mob breath attack frequencies and victim choosing
-made PC guildmasters teaching percentages same as NPC guildmasters
-changed fight and hppct triggers to fire once per mob per round regardless of target
-made drunk people sitting on furniture fall over when passing out from drunk
-Reduced number of guild groups and set all skills to be from 1 or 2 of the new groups
-modified can_move to allow ghosts to enter wizlocks
-added function to calculate movement costs
-set movement to be deducted from all but random spell travel and programs
-made pets/mounts return to owner rather than room when banished
-changed mounts to not automatically poof back when lost
-made walking pets not erase if stuck
-made quit automatically nofollow pets that are not in the same room
-cleaned up riding mounts to allow more falling from them when appropriate
-rewrote a bunch of aggression functions to reduce mudload from pathfinding
-changed angry mobs to take longer to look for you after you’ve been out of an area for a while
-made mobs pushed through portal to another area try to come back
-made it more likely that a flying mob regains fly
-made mob chase after flee only happen if mob is not bleeding and standing
-banned all short descs that do not start with ‘a’ or ‘an’
-limited short desc in string to 60 chars
-banned ‘you’ and character name from short descriptions
-banned ‘voluptuous’ and synonyms from chargen short
-removed short desc instructions from chargen and had it refer to helpfile instead
-removed entry/enter_room triggers from returning from void and login
-updated word of recall to have similar checks as recall and made it available as potions/scrolls
-removed word of recall spell from PCs and refunded a practice
-fixed up some room effects to handle recursion
-allowed temporal quake recasting without cooldown for imms
-made clan pay only be distributed if character is in Seria

Command Changes:
-reduced failure rate in using recall to flee from a fight
-made recalling strip all mob-walking behavior
-allowed eat/quaff without an argument to default to held item
-allowed administering food and set progs to trigger for PC
-changed scan/look direction to act the same for exit descriptions
-changed sgroup to show multiple guild disciplines if applicable
-changed practice and iprac to show which skills are needed for next level
-updated scour to no longer be case sensitive and streamlined it
-updated walking to use new movement functions
-updated push/drag to use new travel functions and allow push/drag into portals
-banned get all from PC corpse
-allowed mobs to push/drag
-modified flee to be harder against small, dexterous, plentiful enemies
-set claim and chant to flag all claimed/summoned mobs sentinel
-changed prog_slay to only log if a PC is being killed

Skill Changes:
– updated steal’s position calculation so more positions than stunned matter
-made modification to flight affecting blackjack success chance
-set a min/max cap on blackjack success chances and cleaned up size effect
-made shadow attack only work for non-targeted users
-separated hit/knockdown on charge (bigger is easier to hit, harder to stun) and modified damage
-added separate cooldown on charge so as not to mess with logoff
-standardized practicing percentages and time delay for chill/enrage/electrify
-modified damages in searing/freezing blade
-changed modifier for upperslash skillup
-lowered cooldown on psionic surge
-gave shifters dispel magic
-reduced number of intro’s lost on recognize on PC
-changed wind messages to make more sense
-modification to slightly improve chance of raise success for clerics based on favor
-changed all cure spells to be wisdom based instead of intelligence
-swapped holy water and spiritual quilt levels for clerics
-revamped all saves-based skill success chances to check skill and appropriate stat
-standardized all saves-based damage types so none are impossible to save against
-removed saves-based travel failure (gate/roam/portal/etc.) on NPCs
-reduced delay in earthquake
-changed fortune and luck not to add the bad effects
-made luck improve luck value but also cause it to change in a few ticks, changed duration
-changed duration of scroll for create scroll
-made enchant no longer remove nameless effects on fade
-tweaked the chance of enchant reducing armor/weapon dice on fade
-fixed ensorcel to have same luck modifier as enchant
-updated travel spells to use travel/travel_effects, move pets accordingly, and set off room entry effects
-set backup to be affected by room entry effects
-set chant, backup, snitch to be blocked by wizard lock
-updated druid/necromancer summons and enchanter sprite to be affected by room entry effects
-moved sixth sense, stare, backtrack, and sneak checks to travel
-allowed seance/locate to find objects in no_recall rooms, but not in no_gate/move_only areas
-allowed seance/locate obj to find all concealing objects other than masks/hoods
-allowed charm to override pushing/dragging mob movement through portals
-standardized practicing values for stalk
-standardized wilderness and street fighting

Building Changes:
-modified supermob armor points (level 49 and 50) in doubled slots for OLC
-allowed winged mobs to fly (permanent if originally flying, otherwise timed)
-changed OLC for trainer/practice mobs to handle new teach flags
-added string append functionality
-added prog_string
-made stringing descs automatically format afterwards
-added fall_from_mount to clean up all the places someone might fall from mount
-modified has_authority to check for clan authority in a certain room instead of in current room
-added TRAVEL_RANDOM to can_move to deal with banish/translocate type of movement
-added more travel types for new movement, such as spell, skill, and prog random rooms
-fix to mob loading to set all imps to have brains
-added blackbox room for loading mobs to move with common travel functions
-removed greet and exit triggers from can_see
-cleaned up get_random_room to use new movement can_see
-added new common can_move, travel, and travel_effects functions
-added room_data::enter_room_effects to handle all room entry effects
-fixed mobprograms transfer and goto to use new travel functions
-set areas that are no_move/no_gate to unflag no_recall/nowhere rooms
-set rooms that are no_recall/nowhere to not be flaggable if area has no_move/no_gate
-allowed flags to be listed in AEdit with ?
-allowed certain can_move checks for TRAVEL_PROG
-added functionality for CHK_CANMOVE
-changed vnums from sh_int to int, doubling the number of available vnums
-added ITEM_DELETE flag to make instances of an item load into game timered
-added prog_echo_seria command
-covered for pushing people on furniture through portal with reduced charges
-allowed a few prog triggers to take arguments
-removed all acute vision from siriyu NPCs
-added integer to trig_look_obj to determine whether we’re looking at an object or in an object
-changed cedit_index to a toggle for on and off, automatically assigning trigger
-modification to how pet names are handled
-made spec_nasty mobs flee less often
-banned spec_nasty thieves from hiding if revealed.
-added ismasked check for mobprogs
-unflagged all medium and large sized rooms

Bug Fixes:
-fixed enchantment types of steadfast, covenent of ice/fire
-fixed ashen skin tones and eye colors
-fixed bug allowing newbie helpers to see mob inventories
-fixed bug in aid that allowed it to go through with nothing
-fixed clanpower to not show names
-fixed pardon to send mail properly
-fixed bug in diagnose room from nondiagnosable mobs
-fixed bug in summon spells that can cause caster to fight ghosts
-fixed bug in reinforce that allowed any class to unsuccessfully use it
-fixed bug in reinforce that allowed for too many uses
-fixed bug in commune stripping non-commune spells from spellbook if player has no god
-fixed bug in enrage/electrify/chill that could cause skillup on non-weapons
-fixed bug with undefined sizes in blackjack
-fixed pvp timer setting in thrown/bow
-fixed up wimpy and aggression so wimpy mobs only aggress if not too injured
-fix to spec_cast_cleric so they’re not healing to negative mana
-fix to scavenger/janitor mobs so they don’t junk items over level 25
-fix to scrolls, staves, and wands so spells that can’t cast on ghosts don’t cast
-set reply to not reply blank messages
-fixed gouge to not try to add affects to a dead target
-fix to mail copy so it doesn’t consume money if the mail copied doesn’t exist
-fixed a bug in mixdrink that would check for failure before whether the ingredients were right
-fix to incorrect weapon loading in chargen
-fixed bug in periodic trigger list list from invalidated iterators due to char/obj extraction
-fixed a string error in trig_buy_obj
-fixed bug that removed language from built-in books if page is ripped
-fixed bug in steal and watchful when victim is blind
-pose fix on nonattackable mobs
-fixed bug in slip causing wait even if skill didn’t work
-fixed flag command so imms can’t add unsettable flags and get stuck with them
-fixed bug in recite that crashed the game when used

Typo/Message Fixes and Changes:
-changed message in introduce for other targets
-cleaned up messages from intro/wintro and falling down
-cleaned up smote, emote, say, whisper, shout, and yell to strip extra spaces
-cleaned up smote to not allow color codes as was intended
-cleaned up smote to capitalize first letter of smote
-fixed message in aid
-fixed message in mail outgoing list
-added comments for act types
-renamed BLONDE to BLOND hair
-fixed extra carriage return in whispers for clanbalance
-corrected some spacing in chargen
-standardized error messages in ‘get’ to have ‘you’ instead of ‘I’
-stripped ‘enjoy’ messages from buying pet/mount
-added some movement messages to some travel spells
-fixed some push/drag messages
-fixed message error in mload if mob dies before message is shown
-fixed a message in backtrack and trapremove
-added spell name to fail to memorize
-changed fall on oilslick to show slick object’s short
-fixed typo in arcana
-changed message for cure disease
-left justified plist all

Infrastructure for Upcoming Features:
-added tlist to list all active territories
-enabled recycling and memory tracking for territories
-added pulse for automatic territory saving in update
-added territory_data structure
-added saving and loading functions for territories
-added territory index value to clans
-added code to clean up other clan indexes if a clan is removed from contention
-added code to track max index in clans and only allow consecutive indexes
-added helper functions to look up territories and print names of clans
-added territoryshift command to enable area allocation and clear the list of influences
-added hourly revenue for clans based on territory taxes
-added saving warrants, territories, and clans to asave_world
-added tedit OLC and commands
-added prog function for changing clan influence in a territory
-changed prog_influence to take a character instead of clan name
-set mail from territory shift to tell a clan if they had no territories
-restricted tedit_influence from expanding or contracting influence vector
-cleaned up a lot of tabs and formatting
-added a 1% influence depreciation rate for territories once a day
-converted territory code from vector to map, connecting clan name with influence

Miscellaneous Code Updates:
-fixed new compiler warnings and errors
-added parentheses in swapping out dual wielded items and territoryshift criteria


Changes for March 14, 2012
Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug in recite that causes crash when reciting on objects
-fixed bug in zapping to prevent zapping ghosts
-fixed bug preventing resets from listing face as an option
-made reset display objects in proper locations even if on shopkeeper
-fix to bleeding with mob goto
-fix to hair showing for masks on face/head

Other Changes:
-allowed hood in head slot to conceal horn and face slots
-allowed top three clan tiers to grant clanpowers, but nonleaders can only grant ones that they have
-increased tenacity skillup modifier
-removed some autosetting of rooms, mobs, and objects
-disabled small/large room flags from OLC
-removed automatic teach cleanup
-disabled automatic removal of norecall/nowhere from no_gate/move_only areas
-added mobdeath and player death wiznet messages to slay and prog slay
-made purge/ipurge give a result message
-made npcs intro like PCs


Fixes and Changes for March 19, 2012
New Features:
-made it possible to look through normal_exit portals

Command Changes:
-changed accent command to display current accent and syntax if used with no argument
-changed accent command to only clear if argument is ‘none’
-set a char limit on accents

Skill Changes:
-changed mug to attempt a random steal with higher chance and then flee
-changed cover to skillup like backtrack and have a fixed duration
-changed cover to be area restricted depending on class (wilderness vs city)
-updated cover to only work if original cover was from proper area
-added exposed cooldown for cover and backtrack
-changed cover messages for on-tick and when applying
-changed cover to be removed and cooldown placed if combat begins
-increased time of hustle, dependent on skill percent
-changed all dodges to be similar chances until total revamp
-made demise heal the caster when a target dies
-allowed no specified element in enchant to randomly enchant an element

Class Changes:
-classified vagabond as thief/nature, allowing for cover in nature zones
-replaced thief/vagabond backtrack with cover skill

Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug with flee with an improper argument crashing the game
-fixed a bug preventing summoned mobs from returning
-fixed following while seated
-fix to fight/hpcent triggers so setting them involved doesn’t disable them

Message Changes:
-colored messages for fleeing and placed them after arriving
-moved wizlock/deathward messages after arrival
-fixed messages for noracial toggle to include auraspear
-fixed message error in summon and replaced many of the conditions with can_move check

General Changes:
-added a serverstatus command to check on server stats whenever you want.
-changed affect_wearoff_effects to take a bool for whether to add cooldowns
-allowed imms and NPCs to see exit descs with scan/look dir
-added new statistics module to calculate mud load with averages displayed on wiznet
-reworked flee to be less ugly codewise
-completed mob chasing revamp to flee command
-added a PK attack wiznet to deaths wiznet channel


Changes on 03/22/2012
Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug causing all NPCs to have fly
-removed more auto mount poofing back to owner
-protected shopkeepers from storms
-modification to can_see_room to remove is_awake, leaving it to only check room flags

Other Changes:
-added a default YOU CAN’T SEE message to l in portal
-raised spell level for remove curse
-made saves_dispel also check character’s skill and stats like with saves_spell
-added territory occupation code for clan members being in an area.
-set an is_safe check on room trap effects
-modification to can_see_room to remove is_awake, leaving it to only check room flags


Changes for 03/25/2012
New Features:
-added scent trail racial skill for canidae
-added secho command for echo to Seria
-added wiznet notifications for secho
-added calico, brindle, and russet hair instead of aqua, teal, and sable

Bug Fixes:

-fixed bug causing tenacity to depend on char doing damage rather than victim
-rearranged order of hunting behavior so notrack mobs don’t pathfind
-fixed bug with PVP timer setting in flee
-fixed no_mob flag from being set on fix exits function and breaking boats
-cleaned up backtrack removal properly

Other Changes:
-modified amnesia to reduce all of a mob’s abilities by 20%
-changed chargen so that truncated names aren’t blocked by longer names
-converted a few aggression functions to use is_exact_name
-increased territory occupation effects
-set tlist to only show inactive territories to imms
-set territoryshift to ignore inactive territories
-modified some displays in tlist to look less cramped
-made area territory setting automatic when room or name is changed
-added an easier check for covering in right sector
-let banker mobs report clan balance instead of treasurer


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