Code Updates 4/06/2012

by Lyseri on April 6, 2012

in Code Updates

A few new convenient features, bug fixes and changes to a few skills among other things.

New Features:
-added size in identify/read history spells
-added [Greeted] flag for newbies/newbie helpers

General Changes:
-converted all spears and polearms to 2 handed
-capped influence points to 30000 because of integer limit
-made clans automatically lose a territories with negative revenue if they have no money
-made clans not gain occupational influence while in debt
-disallowed influence for hidden, camo, invis, disguised, dead, masked, and animorphed chars
-moved influence depreciation to midnight
-changed the frequency for clan pay/revenue

Skill Changes:
-made flying disable wilderness/street fighting abilities
-made bleeding render cover ineffective
-set a short wait on cover for winded so it’s not automatic flee and cover one room away
-set a movement mod for cover like backtrack

Mob Changes:
-made mobs that can see a target w/ scan ignore covered for tracking
-tweaked a condition in visibility for aggression
-streamlined so aggressive mobs don’t try to see w/in 3 rooms unless victim is covered
-made mobs flagged cover/backtrack be protected from tracking
-changed long desc showing to check mob instead of index

Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug that would inappropriately remove AC from non-armor objects when unequipped
-blocked charmies from murdering through damage
-fixed occupation crash due to not checking for null clan
-fixed zero length string warning and memory issue in liminfo
-disabled scent trail for dead victims and dead canidae
-fixed a bug allowing scent trail to detect IC hidden imm chars
-fixed a bug that stripped item effects off when spell affect was removed
-fix to the identify flag on loadup
-fixed bug that saved incomplete chars with multiple racial skills when creation resumed
-fixed a bug in mug

Message Changes:
-changed disconnect messages to show who was disconnected if available
-changed are you new message

Building Changes:

-changed prog_influence to take ‘current’ as argument for which territory
-cleaned out some no longer needed setting during loadup
-reversed direction of door in integer for trig_greet

version r949

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