Code Updates – 4/29/2012

by Lyseri on April 29, 2012

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Edit: Changes for 4/30/2012 and 5/04/2012 added at the bottom.

New Features:
-added DESCRIBE command
-added dagahasi fiendsblight racial (auto abyssal type attack, chance of abyssal vuln and low curse)
-changed curse so that it reduces the divine favor of a target
-made any named affect on objects add/remove from a character’s affect list
-added code to log creation time and then return it with a command (“creation”)
-added an average rolls option in chargen

Skill Changes:
-changed favor calculation to check self/nonself, beneficial/harmful communes and strength of curse
-changed curse and soul taint to have a modifier for strength of curse
-made curse and bless no longer removable with dispel magic/cancellation
-cleaned up some remove curse stuff for soul taint and curse since they’re copies
-capped damage to mobs with bow and arrow to either 25% or 1500 HP, whichever is lower
-tweaked searing/freezing blade damage to be more reasonable
-made steal/slip show ‘someone’ instead of short desc on failure if thief isn’t visible
-changed some durations in magic spells so they aren’t lasting next to nothing at low level
-allowed specific track only for known smells
-changed track to memorize visible people’s smells in room if used without argument
-added a wait timer to track in room
-made it impossible to ensorcel an item above character level
-set identify to tell someone if the level on a magical item is too high for them to ensorcel
-changed recognize to only forget 1 name when used on PCs
-set skill to affect efficacy of spells on wands, scrolls, staves, and scribe
-added a range for character mana after mana share
-increased wild swing’s ability to hit an unseen target

General Changes:
-added a check in plague spread so we don’t have negative level plague
-removed spell_affect affect since it didn’t work
-changed a couple of ‘ to double quotes in saving in case we want apostrophes later
-added code to reset dagahasi’s pbite skill
-moved clan revenue gain to once per IC day
-changed display for clan revenue gold/silver
-changed some targeting of stuff like look/look in to room first instead of inventory
-cleaned up ‘area’ list
-cleaned up the religion initiation/ordain/excom to not use skills
-changed excomm so HPs can’t have grudge wars
-allowed priests to excommunicate all but high priests
-made range of rolls in chargen smaller
-moved ‘new’ question in chargen to before race/class
-set hard races/classes to not show up as chargen options to newbies
-cleaned up the class descriptions and race option displays in chargen
-sorted out class choices in chargen by mage, hybrid, or melee
-reclassified classes based on CLS flags
-enabled =! to repeat last executed command

Mob Changes:
-increased (made worse) mob AC
-made mob daze inactivate specs
-added some position checks to spec janitor
-renamed stop_hunting() to idle_hunting() to reduce confusion

Building Changes:
-allowed removing shop item types in OLC
-changed OLC points so vulns don’t give as many points back
-added some code to remove redundant room lighting flags
-changed teal skin color to brown
-made addapply, prog_addapply, and oedit_addapply take a value for modifier for all apply types
-added ‘bonus effect’ skill as a default in case of hard-to-name applies
-rearranged how some values show up in oedit
-added prog checks for str, int, wis, dex, con, and luck

Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug that caused NPC ghosts to use movement
-fixed bug that prevented Druid/Necro summons from attacking
-fixed berserk affect stacking bug
-fix to scent trail to not detect imms at all
-fixed prog/imm addapply equipping bug for adding affect to char
-fixed delapply effect removal bug for unidentified objects
-fixes to affect_check for several affect/resist checks
-fix to conditions for magical identify setting affects
-fixed a bug in prog_addapply due to ability to set mod on all types
-fixed a bug causing mobs not to remove players from last_fought when not directly targeted
-fix to demise effect for get_ooc_char_world
-added log_string bug reporting for broken act() calls to make bug fixing easier

Message Changes/Typo Fixes:
-changed the text for shop profits in OLC to be clearer
-changed the keywords on mail that has been copied
-made player attack wiznet red
-fixed an imm secho message
-changed noracial messages so it covers all automatic racial attacks
-changed the messages for chain lightning
-fixed a typo in corpses
-cleaned up some messages in ordain/initiate/excom

Immortal Stuff:
-made permanent, god-level spell affects immune to dispelling
-made it so permanent, non-god-level affects on characters don’t save
-changed targeting order of things like string and clone
-added a login warning for players logging back on in RotD
-changed immortal info command to show date in a different format
-made it impossible to describe gods


Changes for 4/30/2012:

Bug Fixes:
-fix to flurry/scald for stacking effects bug
-fix to boatman spec due to check on wait/daze
-set movement to not lag unswitched npcs

Building Changes:
-set OLC to automatically flag spears and polearms as two-handed
-changed hex back to original calculation now that we have obj modifiers
-upped scavengers to level 40 obj as limit
-added form plant for plant-type NPCs

General Changes:
-pulled a lot of places where wizmorted imms were getting affected by things
-properly set ic_hidden imms to be immune to spells unless by another imm
-set storm to check saves against air instead of random
-added FORM_PLANT to slew of checks for aid, diagnose, herb, purse, shrunken head, etc
-made blindness, gouge, dirt kick, and blacklight require target to have eyes
-made trip require target to have legs
-moved NPC daze/wait decrement to violence_update


Update 05/04/2012 for bugfixes:

General Changes:
-streamlined wanted list to find victim by pnum instead of short desc
-set pardon and wanted to send out mail to victim and clan
-colored some clan mail headers
-added in/lb to height/weight display in score

Bug Fixes:
-fixed a bug so important effects like death get saved
-fixed rename so a char’s position isn’t set to standing
-fixed bug that was preventing blackjack/sleep working on mobs
-fixed messages in addlag

Immortal Stuff:
-added ‘undaze’ command for imms to clear wait/daze states

Building Changes:
-added lines to copy missing parts from race file for mobs
-removed code to autoset stuff for plant race mobs


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