Code Updates 05/18/2012

by Lyseri on May 19, 2012

in Code Updates

Several bugfixes, updates to fishing, and some skill changes as well as new skills for a few classes, among other things.

General Changes:
-set NPC raise timer to be based on character level at raise (level 10-25) or death (level 26-50)
-added a delay to bartending
-added wait timers to dismember
-restricted gtell and tell from stunned or blackjack/sleep’d characters
-made tell usable while asleep but not stunned unless to/from an immortal
-allowed notelled players to send tells to imms
-changed lots of fishing stuff to work off skill, pole strength, and bait quality
-allowed choice of bait when fishing, modified catch chance
-added code so if a fish escapes, fisherman can see what it was
-changed examine to show fishing pole strength and bait quality/uses
-changed bait so bait is edible/administerable and weight changes with use
-allowed clanpower while hooded/masked

Skill/Class Changes:
-required at least 30% skill to use sneak, backtrack, and cover
-adjusted sneak improvement rate and made it only improve on success
-made thief/nature sector affect sneak success for respective classes
-changed all sneaking to count up worn metal armor to affect success rate
-added in skill component to sneak
-removed failure when starting sneak/backtrack
-added wear chain/scale to thief and vagabond classes
-added wilderness fighting to vagabonds, made it not stack with street fighting
-added some code to copy currently known chars/mobs into smells for track
-added new food choices to create food and allowed choosing if skilled enough
-made wind start fighting if used while out of combat, only works in fighting position
-redid code so link and mana share now work properly

Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug in pardon when pardoning people who aren’t online.
-fixed issue that was making pet/mount nofollow on quit
-blocked dead mobs from attacking via prog kill
-blocked dead victims from being attacked via prog kill
-fix to bug that was crashing when progs ate chars
-fix to allowing wands, staves, pills, and scrolls to take a string for oset spell
-fixed bug in examine that was doing strange counting things
-fixed bug in flurry/scald vuln stacking
-fix for game crashing when a switched NPC checks the wholist

Message Changes/Typo Fixes:
-made materializes message for copyover only show to those who can see the char
-correction to bleeding for messages on cover
-correction to cover messages if used in wrong area
-fixed a typo in drinking shots
-added messages for wilderness/street fighting in at start of each round
-added messages for sneak failing
-added some better bug messages for security and affect removal

Building Changes:
-set OLC for foods to only take a food hours value
-modified OLC for fishing poles to be flaggable as nets
-modified OLC for bait to have multiple uses
-cleaned up some fish descriptions for fishing and upped prices of big fish
-modified eat, administer, fishing, and create food to not set v0’s
-made all liquid names count for name, even for noncustom liquids
-disabled some room/mob autosetting

Immortal Stuff:
-made rset, oset, and mset give a message on what was changed
-changed oset, rset, mset, delapply, addapply back to room first on targeting
-changed a number in oset so it’s possible to set values to -1
-added has_name check to obj_data to check liquid names and mask imm tags from players
-blocked out shop exchanges and buy/sell list with switched shopkeepers
-made it so you can give items to switched shopkeepers
-cleaned up backtrack to not fail on setting affect

version r1041

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