Code Updates for 07/06/2012

by Lyseri on July 7, 2012

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Edited 7/13 with new code updates at the bottom.

New Features:
-added mighty grip skill for barbarians to allow dual wielding 2h weapons
-added manasiphon (low mana regen from spells cast in room) racial for visardi
-added quickcast (cast a spell without memorizing) racial for visardi
-added rapidstrike (chance for an extra, low damage weapon hit) for johgo
-added smokescreen skill for thieves and vagabonds
-added stasis spell for shifters
-added stolen flag to prevent destruction of stolen items before retrieval time expires

General Changes:
-allowed mob AoE’s to hit all players in room
-bumped down total allowed wielded weights of weapons
-modified max wield values based on STR
-changed chance of bonus hits (haste/dual/2nd/etc.) to depend on weapon weight
-added exact_name checks to character creation
-capped max description length to 20 lines
-cleaned up liquid tables to have fewer and more reasonable values
-changed character food/thirst/drink condition so they’re not always instantly getting drunk
-set max value for hunger/thirst/full to 50 instead of 48
-converted all ringed armor in the game to chain
-capped move usage from flee so it wasn’t using ridiculous amounts
-changed resist formula to cap at 50
-made mobs become undazed more like players and tweaked position update stuff
-shortened daze time of sleeping person being attacked
-did a general cleanup of scan

Skill/Class Changes:
-replaced barbarian’s shield block with mighty grip
-allowed autodraw to work with 2h weapons in dual slot for barbarians
-adjusted level of some skills for barbarians
-cleaned up backstab hit functions
-removed a hit from circlestab since dagger hit rates are boosted with this update
-adjusted dual wield skillup modifier and checks
-gave envenom a chance of adding toxic effects as skill increases
-made dirt kick have shorter timer and longer effect
-changed sleep/blackjack/nervestrike to allow knocking out stunned people
-replaced battlemage’s wear ringed with wear scale
-returned pracs for wear ringed for other classes
-adjusted levels of wear metal skills for some classes
-made glance work on all NPCs, reduced blind timer, and made chance to blind change with skill
-changed nourish to freeze your hunger/thirst instead of enabling regular healing
-changed pill skill to produce pills with timer and level
-changed create food’s randomization method for frog/pufferfish

Clan/Territory Changes:
-changed clanbalance/clanwithdraw/clandeposit to work at any banker in Seria
-changed deposit/withdrawal values to long instead of an int and allowed for negatives
-added notifications for when 1k gold has been withdraw from clan account
-set clanbalance/etc. to only work in Serian territories
-set revenue check to skip areas that don’t generate revenue
-set contested areas to not gain revenue
-changed territory revenue to produce more gold if clan members are online and in territory
-changed tlist to show current ownership of a territory
-set warrants from nongovernment clans to not be considered by NPC guards
-cleaned up ranks in clan structures that are no longer needed
-allowed multi-word titles for clans

Typo/Message Changes:
-fixed a typo in stalk
-fixed a typo in shield attack
-fixed some capitalization in group for ghosts
-changed formatting in clan territory message
-changed death message
-added lines in reminding newbies what to do if they die
-added a room failure message for tailoring failure
-added a message for NPC raise timer wearing off
-colored some room tick messages and made them show up on wear off
-message tweak for kicking someone out of a clan

Building Changes:
-added notices for adjusting weapons in OLC
-added new weapon standards and autosetting in OLC
-removed map type items from OLC
-added automatic calculation of weight/cost for food items
-removed total weight from furniture since it does nothing
-changed a value in clanrank prog check
-reactivated the sellextract item flag
-added ability for prog otransfer to move an object to current room
-added some more clericky buffs to spec_cast_adept
-edited spec_cast_adept to be more reponsive to victim ailments
-fix to area flag check and prog pecho
-made addapply in prog, olc, and imm command not require a modifier
-gave prog transfer a silent option that doesn’t trip room effects or force look
-enabled prog pechoes on sleeping targets.
-set prog oset to work like oset
-made all extra racial slots have same points as armor despite type
-set containers to no longer implode from fire
-added some more standards for flags on objects and magical weapons
-fixed rooms removing some update_always flags
-tweaked olc points for some effects
-made weapons have same stats as hold/shield items so there’s no extra bonus from dual wield
-modified guard assisting to always beat up thief NPCs
-added rekey to room descs and OLC
-added some checks in OLC to prevent adding the same effect twice
-changed hidden descs on paper object indexes to not check language (ex. book desc)
-removed ‘areas of interest’ designation in paper objects unless there’s something to show
-changed assist_all flag to assist_npc flag
-set armor standards to calculate based on level rather than fixed values in a table
-added code for remapping obj vnums for modified Seria
-added non-government clan check for guard assisting
-edited drinks to show completely filled status
-added manual block on blackjack for high level mobs
-removed mob autosetting in load mobiles
-added stuff to save affect name for object-type affects on objects

Imm Stuff:
-added a message for toggling extra flag on oset
-fixed a room flag toggling message
-enabled astrip for objects and made it target objects before chars
-added limit overpowered list
-added a modification in for pc corpse decay
-made resvuln_scale more easily tweakable
-formatted a line in string
-removed bug messages for replacing skills
-added string rekey to change extra desc keywords
-tweaked slay skin and shatter
-modified say_spell to have NPC spell names appear to imms too

Bug Fixes:
-fixed a bug in addapply
-fixed examine bug that wasn’t properly looking in objects
-added a line to clarify following for pets
-fix so undazing NPCs in fight doesn’t break when an imm becomes disconnected
-fixed a bug in backup following
-fixed an aggression error in flee
-changed speech triggers to pick up corrected/punctuated phrase instead of original argument
-fixed a bug in attribute count in OLC
-fixed a bug in arrows for poison and flame
-fixed update always on objects, mobs, and rooms with sunrise/sunset/hour/delay triggers
-fixed a lost abort in POST_EXIT trigger
-fixed a bug in freedom
-fixed charmed pets not to update NPC flags
-fixed a bug in pardon
-made arrest not work if there’s no jail to begin with
-fix to examining wands/staves with null spell
-fix so prog transfer random doesn’t toss people into dead rooms

version r1163

Updates for 07/07/12

Skill/Class Changes:
-gave enchanters blindness instead of minor barrier
-made major barrier castable on all
-changed smokescreen to dex instead of int
-updated mystical weapon to new weapon standards

Other Changes:
-added new skill lookup function for penalize/reward/quickcast to not target skills a char doesn’t have
-made tlist look less cramped

version 1167

Updates for 07/13/12

New Features:
-added banner command to display ownership of current area
-added rough weight compare for weapons
-added newcast function that merges all casting commands

General Changes:
-added checks so people w/out movement can be pushed/dragged/moved by random magic
-made stolen flags ignore money objects
-added stolen timer to disarm
-added weapons and bows to stolen items to watch for
-made multi hit’s variables more readable
-removed backup and tattoo as skills, gave tattoo to everyone
-allowed backup mobs to follow leaders into foreign territories in same area
-cleaned up door and obj trap damage

Skill Changes:
-changed chill touch/burning hands/shocking grasp to have higher damage and deal weapon effects
-added a case checking for primary 2h and secondary 1h for mighty grip
-made dual wield and mighty grip lose weapons sometimes at low skill
-fixed harm to correct damage type
-made animorphs beautiful
-tweaked saves checks for stasis and blacklight, allowing no check for same group

Message changes:
-changed messages for chill touch/burning hands/shocking grasp
-added a message for bonus effects wearing off of objects
-cleaned up some messages in dig

Building Changes:
-added weight standards for butcher, create food, and fish
-fix to blank lore lines
-changed brindle to brindled
-turned down some timers on drink/food poisons

Bug Fixes:
-disabled some room affects from hitting ghosts
-fixed clan withdrawal value to read as long number

Imm stuff:
-changed sset to only target skills a person has
-made revenue mod from population only affect positive revenue areas

version r1199

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