Rubble Cleanup

by Iskvarren on August 23, 2012

in Events

Re: *a scroll posted at the gates and on lamp posts in the center*
Citizens of Seria!

I am sure most of you have noticed the rubble that lines the streets surrounding the disaster area that is the south western section of the city. A few other members of the citizenry and myself have decided to get together and get this rubble off our streets. We will need many more hands than what we have to get it all cleaned up. If anyone is interested in joining us in this task, we will be gathering just after 10 pm on the 15th night in the month of Brevig. Bring brooms, buckets, water, and lots of muscle!

*Signed in flowing script* Thersaun O’denbach

OOC: This friday the 24th around 8:15-8:30pm EST.

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