Code Updates for 10/19/2012

by Iskvarren on October 19, 2012

in Code Updates

Version r1405.

Please note that we are changing the slots of many items during this update, so you will notice them removed when you log in.  The shoulders slot will be used for capes, cloaks, and pauldrons; the arms slot for armbands, armlets, and armguards; the body slot for outer clothing such as metal suits of armor, robes, and coats; and the torso slot for inner clothing (mostly cloth/leather) such as shirts, brigandines, dresses, and cuirasses.

General Changes:
-removed all limited item disappearing on logoff
-made exiting description editor autoformat and color strip
-allowed prayer through curse

Skill Changes:
-modified shield attack chances to not be minimum 66%
-cleaned up animorph and added animorph leopard

Building Stuff:
-fixed pet cost values
-added in some more stuff to set shoulder flag or move items in wrong slot
-gave mob prog objtochar have an option to wear an item silently
-added a isknown prog check
-added ingovclan and ingovarea mob prog checks
-added code to correct items moved around the arms, neck, and body slots due to new shoulder slot
-added shoulder slot and configured it in OLC, eq, look, and oset
-added stuff in food affects so the affect times line up with hunger times
-added a food property line into OLC and eat
-added eat descs in OLC and in eat
-added NOWHERE to random travel checks
-made clearing from food affects only clear from active food effects
-removed automatic cost setting on objects
-removed the line to print out all food/baits
-some stuff to strip superfluous flags from room objects
-added some auto item setting to swap level 1 on any untakeable item
-added hold flag to any item with only the take flag
-made skinning be based off of the corpse level instead of index level
-added in shoulders reset

Command Changes:
-modified rpforce to refer to chars as the controlling char sees them
-simplified hereward command so only victim is needed

Imm Stuff:
-allowed imms to access shops through warrants and closed
-made logging in and out wiznet messages give room name and vnum
-added an alert for immortals for stolen items in room 1222
-made logout return original room if char voids out

Bug Fixes:
-fixed bug making nolocate objects locateable
-fixed a bug in olc door keys
-made death strip food affects
-fixed unchecked pcdata in prog mset
-capped condition gain in add food effects instead of individually
-made vis/land stripping sneak, cover, backtrack, fly, invis, and hide also strip from food affects
-fixed a bug in rekey
-made losing a food affect with flag check to see if that flag is set by something else
-made food effect adjust for size
-moved food affect decrementing to updating condition
-doubled up food values so food affects can decrement every tick
-fixed hold being added to bad items
-fixes so bad languages on paper objects don’t crash in ostat and reading
-removed an inappropriate escape character in keyfind
-moved portal crumbling messages so flee doesn’t bork it
-allowed NPCs to drink without being restricted
-fixed bug that made 0 length food affects show up when person got full
-made newcast treat life like other spells for ghosts
-fixed a bug in starve and starve command targeting

Message Fixes:
-fixed a repeated message in bless

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