Feeding the Orphans

by Iskvarren on October 19, 2012

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Re: _+_ scrolls are posted on the four gates of Seria _+_
The fine hylsiriyu from the warehouse on East Street who are currently short on work have agreed to cook a meal for the children of the orphanage at 10 PM on the 17th day in the Month of Hawass.  They gave me a huge list to fill.  I really want to feed the children and there is no way to collect all the food in time.  I will hand out copies of the list at the Orphanage at the above time, so the food can be gathered. I also offer five gold to anyone who can fill the whole list, in time for cooking, and another gold for any other extremely exotic food. No magic please; the hylsiriyu insist this  is an all natural meal.

The Order followers, Delerion, a male siriyu with ashen skin, onyx hair and lavender eyes, and myself, a smoky-skinned gorusiriyu male with stone gray eyes, will be collecting toys and dolls for the Orphanage until the month of Hultin (OOC: end of October); just bring them to us or give them to us when you see us.

Signed, Silerado Sundamarr, Knight of Order.

OOC: Saturday the 20th at 8pm EST

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