Repairing and Enchantment Fair

by Iskvarren on October 10, 2012

in Events

Re: *a gold-edged piece of heavy parchment is posted in shops and gathering places*
Hello Seria!

Aegis is going to have a special day soon.  We’ll be repairing and enchanting weapons and armor!  Now, repairing will be free and everything else is on the price list down on the bottom.  So come out and see us and get your things worked on.  We’ll be holding this event in the Serian Plaza, by the fountain, on the day of Hente, 15th in the month of Uygar at 10pm.

Prices/donation amounts:
Repairing:  Free
Reinforcement: 1 gold
Enchantments: 1 gold (per spell)
Protection from damage: 2 gold (per type of protection)

OOC:  Sunday Oct. 14th at 8pm EST.

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