Call for Fairy Tales

by Iskvarren on November 13, 2012

in Events

Re: *a golden scroll stamped with the Serian Library’s insignia*
Greetings all,

The Library of the Ancients is now holding a writing competition for a legend, tall tale, or a fairy tale. All entries must identify with known aspects of M’dhoria and may not be stolen from other sources. The Tower mages have kindly bestowed upon us a number of weapons made of fiery quartz and crackling lightning. The winner will be judged on the quality of his/her tale
and given the choice of one of these items. The deadline for this event is the 5th of Gadat in the year 1733.

Dizan, Head Librarian

OOC: Deadline for this event is December 1, 2012. Your entry MUST be IC-appropriate and may not be plagiarized. We are looking for stories that are loosely based on facts, or expand on known facts. Entries may be submitted via email to iskvarren[at] or written in an in-game book and turned in to any of the staff. Please address questions to Iskvarren.


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