* a dusky parchment posted in the public gathering places *

by Iskvarren on December 21, 2012

in IC Notices

Greetings Seria:

It seems that there are those of you who do not believe in the Serian Temple. You collect diseased samples in good faith, yet nothing is produced but a questionable elixir. Perhaps you are being fleeced.

Let us introduce ourselves.  We are the Coterie. You claim that you bleed stones of blood; deliver them to us then! If the Temple lies with their reputation, then we will be your saviors. We have little use for bits of mice and birds, nay.  We ask only the finest samples from you, the citizens. It is only fitting that a cure for the citizens be found by studying the disease as it affects the citizens.

Our representative, Ricard, will be in the Lost Souls Tavern collecting.  We ask that you treat him respectfully.

* a black peacock feather with a staring eye *

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