The Serian Temple’s Call for Help

by Iskvarren on December 18, 2012

in IC Notices

Re: * an ivory parchment stamped with a wing sigil *
To those around Seria, whether traveler or citizen:

In light of the recent illnesses in the city, a rash of diseased creatures has been spotted in the countryside. There are reports that they originate from the sewers beneath the city. The temple is now accepting samples from these diseased creatures.  Do not endanger yourselves needlessly; the sewers are to be avoided if you cannot survive the monsters within.

Lady Taharra will be accepting your diseased samples (currently bone and blood) in the prayer room of the Serian Temple.

May the gods be with us,

* a golden seal shaped like unfurling wings *

OOC: Simply give her your samples.  You can ask “how many” to find out your total contributions.


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