Masked Ball and Festival to the Gods

by Iskvarren on February 12, 2013

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Re: Several posters are dotted about the city.
Greetings citizens of Seria!

The Aegis cordially invites you to a masked ball on the day of Tiyr, 11th in the Month of Hultin, in the Year 1736.

This ball shall be held in the Serian palace and is in celebration to honour the Gods of M’Dhoria. All are welcome to take part in the festivities we have prepared for you, the citizens of Seria.

There shall be music provided by the palace’s band, along with food and drinks by the cooks. There will be alters for each one of the Gods and people are encouraged to bring a tokens of thanks to them.

Kites will be raised before the festival and shall hold poems dedicated to the Gods. If you’d like to write a poem to place upon one of the kites then please send them to Igrem. You can recognise him as a taurlok with silver fur and engraved horns.

Once the festivities are over the kites shall be burnt as a sacrifice to the Gods.

We eagerly look forward to seeing you there.

*a wax stamp of a golden eight-pointed star on a black shield at the bottom of the page*

OOC: This festive masked ball will be held all evening, from 8pm this Saturday. We’ll keep the masked ball running for as long as possible so that if you can’t make it until late, then you shouldn’t miss out on the fun.


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