Two Fliers Throughout Seria

by Iskvarren on February 20, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: //fliers stamped with golden seals posted around the city//
To The Kind Citizens of Seria:

We at the temple thank you for your continued contributions in aiding us in our efforts to find a cure to the terrible disease that has ravaged our city. Thanks to the many, many samples we have been provided, we are pleased to announce that we have developed an elixir capable of curing the disease!

We have been keeping records of each person’s contributions and in gratitude have requisitioned items from the finest artisans among our ranks that we will allow you to exchange your credits for. We hope that the armor will protect  you in your coming battles to keep Seria safe. Additionally, anyone who takes our elixir to help in stopping the disease will be awarded an additional amount of credits.

Many thanks,
Marissa, Temple Healer



Re: //fliers stamped with staring peacock feathers posted around the city//
To the Keener Citizens of Seria:

Unlike those weak-kneed do-gooders at the temple, We of the Coterie have made good use of the contributions you’ve given us and created not only a way to cure this damned disease in yourself, but in others.

Don’t take the temple’s elixir — come to us and not only will we let you use those credits of yours to buy weapons crafted by Cranezmore’s most skilled mages, but we’ll throw in an extra little bonus if you go around using our method to get rid of the disease instead. If you were stupid the first time around, we may be generous and let you buy some of our nice weapons for plain, cold gold, too.

Don’t let a bunch of ninnies in robes blind you to the smart thing to do.

*a stamp of a staring peacock feather*


During this stage, which will last about one week, you will:

  • Receive any bonus prizes for hitting caps for the Temple and the Coterie by visiting the collector mob.
  • Be given a choice of taking the Temple’s cure or the Coterie’s cure.  You may only pick ONE side.  Helping that side nets you bonus points in the quest even if you haven’t participated yet.  Yes, that means completely new characters can benefit too if they’re sick.  Bonus points from the cure will not help you hit cap.  They will only be additional points to spend.
  • The official prize shops are not yet open.  The letters hint at what they will sell.  They will open after the diseases are cured.  You will be able to buy from both shops regardless of whose cure you take.


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