Flyers of Crimon-Dyed Papyrus Displayed in Inns and Taverns

by Iskvarren on March 27, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

The Cranezmore Warehouses of Seria invite all of a /favorable/ bent to participate in a tournament of epic entertainment! In celebration of one year without a Serian government, we will be hosting a fighting competition with a diabolically delicious twist. It will be a fight of pets, beasts, and slaves.

Should you come trying to break up our fun, you will NOT be welcome. So DON’T even try! That said, there will be rules! To keep things entertaining. Your minions will require a proper presentation, or they will NOT be allowed to fight. Any handlers who aid their minions WILL be DISQUALIFIED and DISPOSED in a DEVIOUS manner!

That said, the competition will take place on the night of Tiyr, the 11th in the Month of Hawass, at the Arena of the Cranezmore Warehouses.

*in a superfluously curvy script*
Gloriys Meris

OOC TIME for Warehouse Event: 9PM Thursday Night


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