Flimsy Leaflets Scattered About Seria

by Iskvarren on April 26, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

Number: 295
To: all
From: Jaussard
Date: Fri Apr 26 20:55:28 2013
Re: Flimsy Leaflets Scattered About Seria
As a reminder to all good folk – and not so good folk – the Salty Harbor Scallop Festival approaches! Amusement and possibly misery are to be had by all at this quaint affair. No donations are required, but every bit of gold and silver spent will help to shore up our little harbor. All puns intended.

The first event scheduled is ‘Scallop Boasting’ whereupon contestants proclaim bold and intriguing acts involving scallops, then proceed to perform said acts. Or fail hilariously. Either way, contestants will be judged based upon style and substance. Should this event meet with relative success and a minimum of property damage, we shall move on to other events – like bobbing for those hard to catch little shellfish. See you at the Rusty Pelican!

(OOC: Events begin at 8 PM (EST) in Salty Harbor)

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