Grimy Posters Pasted Around Seria

by Iskvarren on April 28, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

That cheap, shady looking fellow called Jaussard wants you all to know about the next event in the Salty Harbor Scallop Festival. It’s called “Bobbing For Scallops” or somesuch rot. Might even be dangerous, knowing him! Anyway, it’ll take place inside the bait shop at Salty Harbor – can’t miss the smell. I’m sure he’ll explain the rules there, waving his fancy cane about
and such. Oh, and tell him to pay better if you see him – twelve measly silver coins!

Come join us at the Putrid Bait Shop at Salty Harbor, Day of Hente, Month of Zahi, 1738. Maybe if you do, that skinflint will pay me a gold next time.

(OOC: Tuesday, April 30th starting at 9:30 PM (EST))

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