The Crown of the Lapin King

by Iskvarren on April 1, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

Greetings citizens of Seria:

It seems that one of our apprentices got into something he shouldn’t have. Apparently, labeling a sealed arcane chest with “Do Not Open Under Penalty of Death” is not enough of a deterrent. Contained in this chest was a cursed object, a crown that once belonged to the legendary lapin king. The legends say that the lapin king was a little bit insane and his crown had the power to create illusions. It seems the affects of the crown have already started to manifest.

It would behoove you all to join with the Tower in searching for this crown. It has a mind of its own, so who knows where it has hidden itself. If you should find it, you must not under any circumstances wear it. Return it to the tower immediately!

Thareli, Master Illusionist

(OOC: The Easter event begins today and will end Tuesday with a special edition RP night hosted by moi (SEE: HELP RP NIGHT)! This RP night is reserved exclusively for the crown hunt.)

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