Code Updates for 05/21/2013

by Iskvarren on May 21, 2013

in Code Updates

Another backup post.  Unsorted, but in chronological order.

  • made level affect summoned pets strength
  • limited wizard lock to maximum of 3 per 45 ticks
  • changed ‘affect’ to show cooldowns differently
  • changed ‘affect’ to show wizard lock spells
  • significantly reduced damage to weapons
  • changed create spring and create water to fount spell
  • gave fount to knights
  • changed holy water to a divine-type spell that induces divine vuln, reduces damroll, and cuts level of abyssal spells
  • removed all the old casting functions
  • made banish usable in combat and on self
  • a fix to stacking affects
  • made it so all summoned beasts scale with skill mastery
  • cleaned up arcana spell
  • made saving extra descs on char objects clean up strings
  • fixed a typo in ensorcel
  • another adjustment to OLC classes
  • fixed another cledit bug
  • fixed a bug in cledit that would crash if nonexisting skill was added
  • cleaned up some file names in case of nonexisting files
  • added ability to list all OLC classes
  • stripped curse effect from malevolence since it is a max-damage spell
  • standardized colour spray and poison bite to same damage as burning hands, chill touch, and shocking grasp
  • fixed a bug where mortally wounded chars would not die
  • fixed a formatting error in heal resurrect
  • enabled saving and loading of OLC classes
  • fixed syntax error
  • restricted experience variable to prevent overflows
  • added automatic penalty to voiding.  Any connected character at level 50 or with over 75 hours played loses 1 exp for
  • each visible player or switched NPC per void
  • fixed numbers in animorph
  • changed some AC slot multiplier values and added shoulders.
  • made animorph shorter and adjusted bonuses to level and skill
  • fixed a bug causing animorph wearoff message to not show up
  • made stolen flags only show up for PC thieves
  • made it so position < resting cannot use scent trail
  • made all of affects of one type retain same duration through stasis
  • modified AC function so positive AC results in vuln and mob-level AC doesn’t get too high
  • fixed up act function so it is always capitalized regardless of color codes
  • fixed untrapped pcdata in OLC

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