Shabby Fliers Posted Haphazardly Around Seria

by Iskvarren on May 15, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

Well, folks, it’s finally coming to an end. The last Scallop Festival event is upon us. I’m being paid to advertise this, so maybe if I say it was a GRAND AFFAIR that TITILATED the SENSES I can take up more space without saying much about it. That, and the fop didn’t give me a lot to go on. Something about a murder mystery, clue hunts, and probably scallops. No, definitely scallops. A MYSTERIOUS event including the MAGNIFICENT and TREACHEROUS scallops. That sounds good, right?

Old Jaussard was mighty evasive, but he did mention it’d start at the Salty Harbor Fish Shop. Oh, and a reminder that nobody noteworthy has died to this point. Not sure why he felt that was important. This last event kicks off just after seven in the morning on Lyak, 18th in the Month of Brevig, Year 1739. And if I was you, I’d come armed to the teeth. Maybe a dagger in my teeth, too.

(OOC: The last event starts at 9:30 PM EST on Saturday, May 18th)

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