Crisp Parchment Announcements Posted Along Serian Streets

by Sannhet on June 9, 2013

in IC Notices

The artisans and craftsman employed by the Temple have finally finished their work on the pieces inspired in the chaotic time of the plague. The Temple proudly offers these powerful items to those who risked life and limb to defeat the beasts maddened by the sickness. You who stood up for Seria, come and claim your prizes!

Seek out the human woman in the brightly lit prayer room within the Temple for more details.


Thanks to the work by our intern (who will be a real person soon), the winterquest prizes are finally out.  Visit Taharra and read the catalog to claim your prizes if you participated in this quest.  Report bugs to us so they can be fixed!

Taharra will be in the Serian temple indefinitely.  Additionally, if you were out during the Coterie prize event, you may ask us to restore Ricard for you so you can claim your winnings.

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