Public Notice re: Wine Crate Explosions

by Iskvarren on June 29, 2013

in Events, IC Notices

+ A Block-Lettered Scroll Bearing The Serian Seal +
Citizens of Seria and all those with vested interests therein, the Peacekeepers and the magistrates have launched an official investigation into the blasts that rocked Seria on Junisa, 10th in the month of Hultin. By our current reports, a wagon bearing wine crates was stopped at the northern gate for inspection and summarily exploded when touched by the gate guard, killing him instantly. At roughly the same time, a similar crate of wine also detonated in the Cranezmore Warehouses during a memorial for the fallen city’s exodus. Finally, a crate or box in the ghetto blew up at about the same time frame.

For the death of civilians and one in service of the city, this vile crime deserves the greatest of punishments. Citizens are heavily encouraged to  investigate these incidents, as our manpower is stretched thin by riots and general civil unrest that is now breaking out at times all over the city. For now, much of the rubble and debris remains at the northern gate and the tavern. What few leads we have at this moment point to possible anarchists or old enemies of Cranezmore. The magistrates will continue to interrogate key suspects until the culprit is brought to justice.

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