Syndicate Government Authority

by Iskvarren on June 17, 2013

in IC Notices

*notices posted on each of Seria’s gates and throughout common establishments in M’Dhoria*
To the interested inhabitants of M’Dhoria,

Let it be known that the Syndicate has officially been established as a government authority within Seria. Our intentions are to bring stability and safety to the city and its inhabitants. We seek to uphold the law and have the means of detaining criminals. While keeping Seria’s streets clean and safe, we also seek to continue on with our mercantile function to bring wealth, knowledge, and opportunities to the city.

The first opportunity we would like to offer is that of joining the organization. With new responsibilities of protecting the  city comes a greater need for skilled individuals. We require an array of talents from healers to mages to swordsman. If you think you can lend your hand in adventure, contact Gahr or Gidgon (Dagahasi defer to Gahr).

*stamped with a seal of a brown satchel spilling gold flanked by two daggers*

Gahr Jh’Tira, Consigliere of the Syndicate

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