The Founding of the Union

by Iskvarren on June 16, 2013

in IC Notices

*Scrolls are posted on the gates and many corners of Seria*


To the people of Seria,

I write this to introduce ourselves, and what our goals are in Seria. We are the Union. We have seen the political turmoil in Seria, the uncertainty, and we seek to do something about it in a different way.  Governments will come and go, but the people, the citizens remain here, their strengths untapped, their needs unmet.

This is where we come in. Comprised of Serian citizens who wish to see it stable and progressing in these hard times, we are a non-governmental organization with the aims of ensuring these carry on regardless of the current state of government.

We are committed to three Pillars to ensure our goal comes to fruition: We will keep an eye out to see what lacks within Seria, and conduct studies to discover the best way to fix these problems.  We will work with Governments and other interested parties who have Seria’s interests at heart to this end.

We shall also keep a keen eye to all that which may improve Seria’s standard of living. Alandis is rife with resources, which through all this time have not been fully tapped. With the increase in population, it is more important to responsibly, but confidently expand.  To that, explorers and researchers will be working so the fruits of the land may be best enjoyed.

Finally, the Union will work to maintain a militia. Regardless of the internal politics of the city, it must remain united in arms towards outside threat, and we will work to ensure that it does so, and functions with maximum efficiency in these states of emergency.

In this time, the responsibility for the fate of our city is, more than ever, not in the hands of any Royal Family or group of nobles, but in its people.

If you believe you can contribute, as a member of the Union or in any other capacity, please contact myself, Riann Alroe, through mail or any other method.

Thank you all,

Riann Alroe, Director of the Union

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