Code Updates for 07/31/2013

by Iskvarren on July 31, 2013

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Finally, OLC classes are in.  This will pave the way for the ever-pending combat revamp.

The full list of updates can be seen on the forum, but these are the highlights. 

  1. All classes were converted to OLC.  What this means is that classes can be edited in game without a reboot.  All characters should have automatically converted to the new class system, so you may have noticed the levels of some of your skills changing.  You should not have lost any skills without practices refunded.  Some features include:
    1. EDIT: the code has been updated to make the COMBAT command more useful.  None of these values are in play yet, and none of the classes have been customized to have their own personal feel.  However, you can see how stats affect combat, such as INT affecting attack and DEX affecting dodge.
    2. We can easily add or remove skills from a class as needed.  Any removed skills automatically refund practices based on the difficulty of learning.  Adding or removing a skill in the old system was prone to mistakes so it was easy to give the skill to the wrong class or not at all.  This is why necromancers only now received blacklight, a spell they should have had a year ago.
    3. All classes have their own combat values.  This makes it easier to test new combat.
    4. In the old system, all characters were locked to one set of coded skills.  If they gained points in another skill somehow, that skill would remain hidden and unusable.  The new system allows any character to have any skill.  This doesn’t mean that we’ll get rid of classes, or that we’ll make it possible for all classes to have sanctuary.  The thought at the moment is that we could create unique skills only obtainable through a quest.  For example, a necromancer could do a hard quest to gain a skill to summon a vulpine demon, or a warrior could do a hard quest to gain a fancy swordplay skill.  This is for the future, but don’t expect these quests to be easy.  If you have class-specific spell ideas, post them on the forum!
    5. NPCs can have classes.  Right now, NPCs are only limited to a small subset of skills.  NPCs are unable to have a practice sheet like players do.  What this means is an NPC battlemage could use the full complement of the battlemage class’s skills and possibly even develop favored skills to use.  We can also create NPC-only classes at whim.  For example, we could create a “beast” class with claw, biting, second attack, and berserk and then be assigned to a bear NPC.  This is not implemented yet, but the framework is there.
    6. Ranger gained fourth attack.  Necromancer gained blacklight.  Cleric lost remove fear.
  2. The haste affect from hustle and the haste spell no longer have a regeneration penalty.  Instead, the effectiveness of haste will depend on the level of the affect.  All object haste affects are added at half the level of the object.  Spell affects are added at up to the caster’s level depending on skill.  What this means is that haste from an experienced mage or hustle will always trump haste from an object, and higher level objects will have greater haste benefit.  For convenience, the haste spell will override any other haste effect of lower level and combat will always use the highest level haste effect on the character.
  3. Movement costs were added to several skills.  Mostly an oversight.  Cleave, upperslash, and circlestab now cost movement to use.
  4. Spells no longer cost more mana to use when first obtained.  Now the cost of spells will always be what you see in MAGIC.  This should make mages easier to level since they will be able to use new spells at the default mana cost.
  5. The recharge spell can now be used indefinitely until failure.  This spell used to work once only on any wand/stave item.
  6. Jewelry and held treasures can not be enchanted with magical protection types.
  7. Mail has an EDITOR option just like with descriptions.
  8. Clans under 2 months old (i.e. ones that do not have a custom recall) gain no advantage from officer ranks with regards to occupation.  This is to discourage sudden promotions for the sake of territory points.  IC-wise, there’s no difference between a coded and uncoded clan, so there’s no reason for NPCs to suddenly notice people who are promoted to officer.
  9. A handful of bug fixes:
    1. Drinks with special liquids were working strangely if a character drank until it was empty.
    2. A bug in creation allowed creating characters as unlisted races despite ethos conflicts.
    3. Defense was saved improperly in OLC classes.
    4. A bug to spell damage amplification made all victims take more damage if they saved against the spell.
    5. Mobs using AoEs were hitting players that were supposed to be their friends.
    6. A bug in armor was setting character wimpy to 100.
    7. Iron-Fist now capitalizes correctly in “who”.

If you notice any bugs whatsoever, please BUGREPORT them.

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