Riots in Serian Streets Quelled

by Iskvarren on July 15, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: + A Gilded Scroll Bearing The Serian Seal +
To all who frequent the Golden City, be aware that the riots which erupted on the streets have been quelled. While some citizens lost their lives as the mobs were broken up, the majority was dispersed.A contingent of adventurers directly aided our forces, freeing up Peacekeepers and magistrates to lock down sections of the city until order was restored. The jail cells are, for the time being, overburdened until each offending citizen can be shown fair process of law. Additional resources have been diverted from investigations into the earlier blasts to unroot the cause of these riots.

Though the cells are strained to bursting, the law will continue to be upheld in Seria. A measure of civil unrest will not change this fact. We will prevail against any and all threats, for it is not merely the walls that make our city strong.

Dear Citizens of Alandis,

I write to you to tell you that the riots that have commenced in Seria have ceased, and all children were taken to safety. The mobs of angry fled into the city wildly demanding things and disobeying the law. Oil was spread all over our streets, causing people injuries as they slipped and fell. The mess has been cleaned up and the roars have quieted. Now while I would enjoy to take the credit, I give full credit to The Serian Peacekeepers, and the men and women of the Iron-Fist, including some help from Riann as well. If anyone has any information of these mobs gathering, or the spilling of the oil or the bombings, we need you to come forth and meet with myself or one of my advisors as necessary. Be well Seria and know, things are prospering and they’re going to continue to become better.

Stamped with the Seal of the IRON-FIST
Asyrious Bludstone, King o’Iron


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