Escape of the Raens

by Iskvarren on August 17, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: A Vellum Notice Posted Along Serian Streets
I have received several reports of law-minded individuals tracking down and attempting to stop one of conspirators behind the blasts, and that they were repelled by the man’s strange magics. I myself was attacked in the Headquarters by this man, who we are led to believe was actually Tullivan Raen’s son. Though I was assisted by a dutiful civilian, the younger Raen’s powers were fell indeed. When I came to, the elder Raen had been freed from his cell and there remained a badly mangled corpse bearing the Raen signet ring. The other reports I’ve gathered are conflicting at best. With the son most likely dead, Tullivan Raen’s guilt is sealed in stone. Should he ever been seen in these lands again, all citizens are given free rein to put him down. To all who attempted to stop these marauders, you have our sincerest thanks. For now, I shall continue to pray to Lady Qurimel to maintain the uneasy peace and to meet that villain’s neck with a blade on some fine day.


*sealed with the stamp of a three-headed hound within a ring of gold stars*


OOC: Tomorrow’s event is canceled due to well… not having a criminal to sentence.

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