Tullivan Raen’s Trial

by Iskvarren on August 14, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: A Long Parchment Notice Posted Along Serian Streets
After extensive interrogation and follow-up, we believe Tullivan Raen is primarily responsible for the explosive traps which caused the deaths of several individuals in Seria.  He has been candid in expression of guilt. Furthermore, the magistrates have recently uncovered evidence implicating him in the incitement of the riots, theft of certain official records during the chaos, the gruesome murder of a siriyu citizen and multiple cases of obstructing justice.

Raen’s trial is scheduled to commence in the second floor meeting hall in the Headquarters shortly after 1 PM on the Day of Tylind, 4th in the Month of Yalsa, 1743.  Though the evidence is substantial, the man is a citizen and is due the process of law.  If found guilty thereafter, Raen will be executed by hanging in the Center Square.


*sealed with the stamp of a three-headed hound within a ring of gold stars*

(OOC: 10:30 PM EST, August 17th.  There is an RP Night the day before!)

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