Demon Alert

by Iskvarren on September 28, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *a sheet of unbleached paper appears from a swirl of wind*
There is, what we think, confirmation of the demon described in an earlier warning notice. The demon has the shape of a many-tailed fox, with sharp claws. It wields its claws as well as foxfire with considerable power, so use caution if you see it!

We did not actually see the demon with our own eyes, unfortunately, but have happened across the remains of a johgo boy in the Treehouse District. The remains are charred to a crisp, completely blackened by some kind of fire /and/ the ribs of the corpse have been bent outward in some kind of grotesque display.

We are pretty certain that this is the work of the fox-like demon! However, if anyone has seen otherwise, such as a dragon somehow descending into the Treehouse District or some such, the Nexus would greatly appreciate said information. If there are other sightings of the demon or other similarly maimed bodies found, we would also like to know.

Imbria Valenn, Compass of the Nexus


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