Demon Warning

by Iskvarren on September 22, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *a letter is handed off by a human messanger*
Greetings Travelors and Citizens!

I have sent this message as a warning, a warning that there is an extremely dangerous demon on the loose. This demon has been kept in a keep for a long time, captured, and has finally escaped. It’s anger has probably built up inside and is likely ready to destroy anything in sight. Stay away from this demon, but be sure to inform either me, or Riann if there are /ANY/ sightings of this creature. It has been loose for a bit of time, but it still walks the ground of our lands. Which poses as a threat to everyone.

Be aware, this demon is not something you want to scramble with, not even in large groups. This is no joke, or drill, this is a serious matter. Anyone who does come in contact with this demon, and falls. When you are finally granted life, we wish to know all that we can learn about it. I am not encouraging anyone to be the subject to find this demon. I do not want any more blood being spilled through our streets.

Dalsin, Honorable Captain of the Union, Faithful Student of Battle.


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