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by Iskvarren on September 7, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *a sheet of unbleached paper appears from a swirl of wind*
As some of you know, Manhunter’s Place off South Street was recently the site of a battle between the Lord Iskvarren and the Lord Araeus. Though, to call it a battle would mean an engagement on both sides- so perhaps back front-stabbing is more appropriate.

The Lord Iskvarren’s heart was, with the help of a shard of magical glass (similar to the mirror that was present at the end of the Northern Road), ripped out of his body by the Lord Araeus. Whether or not the Lord Iskvarren is now “dead” remains to be seen.

The lovely avian Terka of Manhunter’s Place has been horrendously butchered and her feathers now spell out a warning on the wall of the bar. She will be missed. If anyone wants to pay their respects to the inestimable barkeep Gerlaz by being a lovely customer at the bar, I’m sure he’ll gladly welcome your patronage.

Imbria Valenn the Tempest, Compass of the Nexus


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